Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Weekly Skirt Report

Someone I was talking to asked me what a press release was and how about to write one. I wish I could get a dollar for every time I explained but alas I am such a good hearted person and shared my version of one. So here I sit in the sandbox....

By basic definition it's basically to bring light to an event or a product for both the media and a targeted audience to be aware of.

So, to start off with, I always try to come up with a title that will be eye catching, quirky but simple. Serious is good and always welcomed just be careful in that sometimes the somber can be a quick turn off. If you mix in hope or faith in it - it creates better imagery.

The first paragraph should read as who what when where why and how. Remember those invitations:

Actually I love that... don't you?

Anyways, keep in mind you need to get in all the vital information in that first paragraph. For example:

The MOMA is proud to present Andy Warhol: His Work from The Factory Years starting January 1st 2010 through April 1st 2010 in the modern art wing of the museum located on the east side of the building. The MOMA was chosen by his estate to unveil this unique grouping of work .... you get the picture. A public reception will be held on February 14th with a cash bar and appetizers.

The second paragraph should explain who/what is being annouced: if it's Andy Warhol: it will be a brief bio on him. And then maybe a 3rd paragraph to talk about the Factory years etc etc etc.

Then the closing parapgrah should be something to tie it all together, by using the mission statement for your cause, the event or the company. Then state where it's located and anything else, that might be useful for your media folks.

Attach a press photo which could be an image from the art catalog, or a logo or a person in charge photo...etc etc. So folks can be all set to make sure they have everything and if they don't they will get back to you.
Good Luck!