Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hey there Folks, did you get your hems right? Zippers are mo-fos right?

Well my tip for the day is: Communicate - I don't care if you are touted the GREAT Communicator - you've run into situations where they just don't listen or think.
I've been known to skip it but there are times as artists that we need to slow down and think before we run off and do something. As a publicist and an art director at a gallery there are times when one just has to throw hands up and say oh well.
When you don't communicate - then you are making assumptions.
Consider this: 1-Ask - what could we say no? or we could say yes. It all depends. 2-asking helps me know that I am doing my job - whether right or wrong. I am needed. I am not just an ornament.
The funny thing is nowadays - our society isn't thinking we are doing. SO I beg you to think, before you act, speak and just ask.

LOCAL PICKS: Restaurant - THE VARSITY - yeah the greasiest spot in Atlanta. I had a BLT - their tomatoes were great! I love a place where the tomatoes are ripe and perfect. No green things. If I wanted green I would've ordered green right?

Local store: hmmm didn't go into any this weekend. OH WAIT I DID. oh that's a restaurant. We went to Fellini's Pizza on Howell Mill Rd. Got their fabu salad which just their pizza toppings on lettuce but their salad dressing... I have no clue what it is. I LOVE IT.

I went to the gallery this weekend twice. I traded a wonderful piece with former local artist, Alicia Araya who does this really interesting technique called a EnviroTek bath. Which takes paints, crayons, chalks, etc and changes their colors, and it seals like glass. So I've hung in my bedroom... it's so romantic. It's called House Note...there's a slight glare on it but it was hard not to get one. So thanks Alicia. Hope you like your roses.

Turntable: Been listening to ALOT of Stones, The Rolling Stones. So, anything by them right now.

Book: UGH the same on. I am a SLOW reader... so give me a break.

On the Boob Tube: hmmm we watched 5 epis of Treme. Love it - especially when the chef throws a drink on the food critic... What a rebel.

So what's the old saying,make like a prom dress and take off?

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report: May 25 2011

The Hemline is all screwed up! Rip it out!

TOPIC of the day: Save Face Keep Your Grace.
Why do I bring this up? There are several factors. One I encountered a media person that didn't pay attention to her email and read the whole thing. So when she said Take me off your list I proceeded to call her - trying to figure out what I did wrong. After talking to and calming her down, she apologized to me about it. This is the old saying of Don't Assume Anything for it makes an A$$ out of you and me. Right?
The way to attack or approach this and not make it worse with attitude is ask why.
So I hope folks out there will remember - read the fine print look at the notes and hear me out.

Dyed a dress this weekend, hmmm I might take a black paint brush to it... not working booo...

SO This Week's Faves:

THE POOL: this weekend is the official kick off for the pool opening - ALWAYS went Memorial Weekend. It was a kids ritual. So if you don't belong to one - go pay 5 bucks and use the city ones that are in need of your funds and the family is in need of a break.

EATS: hmmmm stay home and grill this weekend. You and your neighbors can have a grill fight. *MY Grill is better than yours...* Go to your farmers markets, kick back and breathe. Thinking of making homemade ice cream. just cause.

ON THE BOOB-TUBE: saw finale of HOUSE - was it a dream? and why does he drive SUCH a bad looking car - I mean he's a doctor!

DOG EARS AND CAT FUR: Been reading alot of blogs and articles on PR and how to get the word out there. Somewhere. Just need folks to know. SO no Danielle Steel books for me. Learning alot though.

MUZAK: Been going back to the vaults and listening to The Rolling Stones. Gimme Shelter has a nice ring to it.

Song of the Week: let's say it's The Black Crowes' By Your Side - WHY? It goes out to the people in the mid west with all those dang Tornadoes. So, there you go it's my Casey Kasem - Long Distance Dedication ...

So get out there, make your case. stake your claim and make some noise!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report: May 16 2011

It's the pleated truth folks...
I will start off with some serious stuff first:

Recently I was asked to write a reference letter for a friend of mine. I was honored for she is a truly good jewler. I feel like when writing an open letter to anyone receiving it I tend to think like a CD music reviewer in how I approach it. It's hard to figure what to say but I will give you three tips:
1-intro to create a visual of that person - if they are a musician - try to create a setting of where you would find them or how it sounds...
2-where you met-online, working together, thru a friend..etc
3-why you should pay attention - what makes them so special and stand out. Try to use actual facts to back up your love..
Then round up with I hope you see this in them too...
If you wear many hats, put the best one on as you sign off, with what kind of position you are to say who that person you wrote about is - What makes you the right person to talk about them.
Easy Peasy!

Local Yo-cals:

Local Eats: None but the bakery next door to the shoe repair shop on Terrell Mill Rd in Marietta looks really good. Might have to stop and get something there...

Local Shoe Repair: Terrell Mill Rd Shoe Repair Shop - AWESOME work. If you have shoes that need to be fixed, freshen-up or polished, go there... I got three pairs of heels, done for $30 - now I am not walking on nails. Shoe repair is a dying art... so to keep it going, go to your nearest specialized shoe repair man... they will love you for it.

TURN THE BEAT AROUND: I've been listening to old stuff lately. So my new-ish CD is Beth Hart my California and the Crowelogy from The Black Crowes.

DOG EARS - The Same book from last week, but I am finding out alot about what to do...

ON THE BOOB TUBE: HOUSE OF course...watched the Steven Tyler interview on E! w Matt Laur and I found him to be honest and clear-minded and I am glad that he is all comfy in his skin. He's fought alot and lived alot so he deserves happiness... Joe will just have to get over his bad self right?

Song of the Day: Found Another - Danielia Cotton - go to her myspace.com site and listen. I must be the one racking them up...

Monday, May 9, 2011


I am bringing my "blog" over here. I used to post it at my blogger blog. So I am testing out the idea of doing a local scene blog. I know there are TONS of them SO I dunno... Ok here we go:


Local Restaurant: Giovanni’s on East - West Connector is really good. It’s all made from family-homemade recipes in an easy going atmosphere. Just right amount of garlic and herbs – nothing that won’t disappoint you! Their prices are very good. You can see their menu online- Giovanni will wait on you… it’s the kind of place where one minute you are the only one and the next you’re see 50 more come through the door. So let’s get this place going in the right direction – A BIGGER DINING AREA… http://giovannisgenuineitalian.com/main/

Local Shoe Shop: Cherry Bomb in Atlanta’s L5P: – Shannon and the girls bring you some of the most outrageous shoes for very good prices. I think she is underrated as a shop with her unique picks and finds – go down there for it’s A LOT different than it was – new shops, new eats – check CB here on FB too… www.cherrybomb.com

Sometimes you have to go to Marshalls and such… just have to: So as we were looking for a shade for a lamp I made poor hubby endured 3 hours of the hunt. We were in Hiram - (don’t roll your eyes) we went into Kirkland’s on the main drag – you know I thought it was going to be hoity-toity but it was reasonable. Found the shade – bought the lamp to get it then we went to LOWE’S – found a plethora of shades… what is my problem? I should’ve started there first. Much closer to home. Oh well, he got a Cold Stone Creamery shake out of it…

Many of you know by now, I am the art director at the Defoor Centre and since this is my blog I am going to toot my own horn: June 19th 2-4PM with local southeastern artists – Journeys – at the Defoor it outta be cool especially with Ike Stubblefield, who’s working diligently on his CD release… shhh…

On the Turntable: nothing. I am sorry I suck. I will work on it.

Watching on the Boob Tube: House!

Dog Ears and Turning Pages: The New Rules of PR and Marketing - http://www.amazon.com/New-Rules-Marketing-PR-Podcasting/dp/0470113456

Song of the Day: “I’m Living Good” performed by Dan Penn/Spooner Oldman – cause no matter what… I got hubby so I am living good… From their live cd: “Moment From This Theatre”

So hang out and wait for the next one. If you like it, cool if not - I promise it will get better…


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Journeys at the Defoor Centre 6/19 Show Opening 2-4PM

Journeys: From Here to There and Back Again
Summer Season with Vickie Martin and Friends
June 19th Opening Party


The Defoor Centre’s summer season opens up with four well established Southeastern artists that will blow your tiaras off your head. Vickie Martin, Tina Jones Ciranni, Laura Parker and Lisa Stevens will present recent works along with some familiar pieces. This wide selection of work will up from June 10th to August 31st with a Sunday soiree on June 19 from 2-4PM. The event is free and open to the public and kid friendly. JUST ADDED: musician Ike Stubblefield will be at the piano in the Forum Gallery.

Vickie Martin-Forum Gallery
A local-favorite whose work has been around the city’s best galleries, will be showing her complete collection of work. Rendered in paints, found objects and sometimes the use of salt – will give the images texture and depth. Vickie has found inspiration in all her surroundings. Her popular images of floating dresses and luminous moons will be a major focus of this showing located in the Forum Gallery.

“Vickie combines diverse materials and her own personal energy to create layered images that morph before your eyes and create visual poetry” - Lance Carlson, AIA owner of Carlson & Mosley Architects

To read more on Vickie: Vickie Martin

In the other galleries around the centre:

Tina Jones Ciranni, a mixed media artist that combines acrylic, collage pieces, spray paint and an occasional found object to create a pattern. A sense of direction she tries to emulate as we travel along in life. Her motto is if she can make you feeling something – happy or sad she’s done her job.

“Her playful images along with textures made with mixed media get serious on canvas to entice the viewer” – Michelle Davidson, Exec. Dir of the Defoor Centre

To read more on Tina: Tina Ciranni

Laura Parker, the free spirit of the group comes in with her musical background that began her journey years ago making it’s way through to her mixed media pieces pushing the art of abstraction. Her freeform of her hanging pieces are inquisitive, flowing as well as strong like the woman she is.

"Laura Parker, the artist and visual alchemist making paint into illuminations of the soul's gold" - Stacey Cohen, Fusionart Studio

To read more on Laura Parker

Lisa Stevens, our Nashville traveler, comes in with her luminous art – she is our LEED accredited (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) artist. This means she creates with non-toxic so it stands the test of time while using materials that are locally-sourced. Her magical lines and color bring her journey here so we can rediscover our inner curiosities.
“…the paintings will be a sufficient recipe for a pleasant day…”-Chuck Beard, Nashville Galleries Examiner
To read more on Lisa: Lisa Stevens

Ruth Gogel – A local photographer who’s taken the basic photo and manipulated it into something very abstract. The image becomes something inviting and eye- catching. Her images have been apart of many shows, juried awards and media.
"Among the most striking are some translucent photographs, looking like Impressionist paintings, by Ruth Gogel"- Liz Favus, Marietta Daily Journal
To read more on Ruth: Ruth Gogel

BREAKING NEWS: For entertainment at this show will be Ike Stubblefield, a world known B-3 Hammond Organ player will transfer to the grand piano in the Forum gallery and bring his magical fingers to amaze us. Ike has been a fixture in the music scene for 40 years always maintaining the tradition of the B-3 sound. He started off at Motown Records where he played with some music greats in the 60’s. He’s been on tour with Eric Clapton, shared the stage Derek Trucks, and most recently played on some Cee Lo Green’s sessions. He will be releasing a new CD, come summer filled with jazz, R&B and rock sounds all coming from this jewel of a musician.

This is the first time in a long time that these artists have been shown together under one roof. Their work will tickle your mind and grab your eyes in wonder. One will speak to you!

About the Defoor Centre:
The Defoor Centre is located off Howell Mill Rd in Atlanta in the reviving Westside neighborhood, where a lot of local vendors that cater to the interior designers have been going to for years. The Centre has been a growing facility hosting major fundraisers to corporate meetings to private weddings all in house catering with a full bar. 100 years ago this place was a hospital for the soldiers fighting at the Battle of Peachtree Creek and to this day they are “still there.”

For more information on the Defoor: www.defoorecentre.com or just come by Tues-Friday to get something to eat and browse – 1710 DeFoor Ave Atlanta GA. On Facebook-www.facebook.com/defoorcentre or search for the Defoor Center ARTS group!