Monday, May 23, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report: May 25 2011

The Hemline is all screwed up! Rip it out!

TOPIC of the day: Save Face Keep Your Grace.
Why do I bring this up? There are several factors. One I encountered a media person that didn't pay attention to her email and read the whole thing. So when she said Take me off your list I proceeded to call her - trying to figure out what I did wrong. After talking to and calming her down, she apologized to me about it. This is the old saying of Don't Assume Anything for it makes an A$$ out of you and me. Right?
The way to attack or approach this and not make it worse with attitude is ask why.
So I hope folks out there will remember - read the fine print look at the notes and hear me out.

Dyed a dress this weekend, hmmm I might take a black paint brush to it... not working booo...

SO This Week's Faves:

THE POOL: this weekend is the official kick off for the pool opening - ALWAYS went Memorial Weekend. It was a kids ritual. So if you don't belong to one - go pay 5 bucks and use the city ones that are in need of your funds and the family is in need of a break.

EATS: hmmmm stay home and grill this weekend. You and your neighbors can have a grill fight. *MY Grill is better than yours...* Go to your farmers markets, kick back and breathe. Thinking of making homemade ice cream. just cause.

ON THE BOOB-TUBE: saw finale of HOUSE - was it a dream? and why does he drive SUCH a bad looking car - I mean he's a doctor!

DOG EARS AND CAT FUR: Been reading alot of blogs and articles on PR and how to get the word out there. Somewhere. Just need folks to know. SO no Danielle Steel books for me. Learning alot though.

MUZAK: Been going back to the vaults and listening to The Rolling Stones. Gimme Shelter has a nice ring to it.

Song of the Week: let's say it's The Black Crowes' By Your Side - WHY? It goes out to the people in the mid west with all those dang Tornadoes. So, there you go it's my Casey Kasem - Long Distance Dedication ...

So get out there, make your case. stake your claim and make some noise!

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