Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The 2nd Volunteer Artist Exhibit: Delsarte Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial Mural January 22nd Reception from 2-4PM

The 2nd Volunteer Artist Exhibit:

Delsarte Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial Mural

January 22nd Reception from 2-4PM

The Defoor Centre is proud to announce the first show of 2012 celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s life achievements known throughout the world in mural form. This group of artists will display their larger than life wall space pieces on a smaller scale.

The display will up for six weeks January 13 through February 29 2012 with a Sunday afternoon reception on January 22 from 2-4PM. This is a free event and families are welcomed.

Started by the City of the Atlanta in 2008, the mural project tells the story of Martin Luther King, Jr, by using the large visual format. The first exhibit started small with 70 artists on Edgewood Ave in Downtown Atlanta, across from the MLK museum to well over 200 today. Artist Louis Delsarte won the first contest and now he’s the manager along with artist, Cheryl D’Amato coordinating the show all year around.

Many artists from various backgrounds bring their talent and skill to explore Martin Luther King’s life and achievements, that are still carried on today in many ways unknown to the obvious. “At the Defoor Centre this will cover the entire inside of the building and that’s over 20K square feet, just think of the physical and emotional impact of the imagery”, states D’Amato with a smile.

As a juried show, participating artists are not yet known and will be announced in mid November.

About the Defoor Centre:

The Defoor Centre is located off Howell Mill Rd in Atlanta in the reviving Westside neighborhood, where a lot of local vendors that cater to the interior designers have been going to for years. The Centre has been a growing facility hosting major fundraisers to corporate meetings to private weddings all in house catering with a full bar. 100 years ago this place was a hospital for the soldiers fighting at the Battle of Peachtree Creek and to this day they are “still there.”

For more information on the Defoor: www.defoorecentre.com or just come by Tues-Friday to get something to eat and browse – 1710 DeFoor Ave Atlanta GA. On Facebook-www.facebook.com/defoorcentre or search for the Defoor Center ARTS group!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

$200 $400 $600
NOVEMBER 13 2011

ATLANTA GA – Defoor Centre is ready to up the ante up Off The Wall this year and raise the prices! Over the past five years, this show has grown and has been a focal point for both artists and buyers, this year the prices will be set at $200, $400 and $600 for the week long show. Starting on Sunday, November 13, 2011 from 2-4PM with a cash bar and refreshments and ending on Friday 18th.  

Buyers can choose from all levels of technique and various mediums, from drawings to sculpture jewelry to paintings – traditional imagery to the abstract. So priced at these rock bottom prices you will get the deal of the year and you will be supporting the local arts.

Off The Wall was revisited in 2007 from art director, Jill Kettle’s days as an intern at New Visions Gallery in Buckhead where it was a highlighted event. Bringing it back, gave local artists, a chance to show and sell and meet with others for a sense of community. Many Off The Wall artists are picked for shows at the Defoor Centre and other local galleries as well as buyers that became fans and friends. “Not only is this an art show but it’s a time to come together as one, share thoughts, views and laughs”, says Kettles. Trying to put on this show takes the whole year, gathering up artists, talking to the media to the actual installation.


The Defoor Centre is located off Howell Mill Rd in Atlanta in the reviving Westside neighborhood, where a lot of local vendors that cater to the interior designers have been going to for years. The Centre has been a growing facility hosting major fundraisers to corporate meetings to private weddings all in house catering with a full bar. 100 years ago this place was a hospital for the soldiers fighting at the Battle of Peachtree Creek and to this day they are “still there.”

For more information, please contact Jill Kettles at jill@scribblesstudios.com and or on Facebook – Defoor Centre Arts - Facebook - Defoor Centre Arts and @scribblesstudio on Twitter. For more on the Defoor: www.defoorcentre.com

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report - Bake Sale for Criminal Records

The Weekly Skirt Report - Bake Sale for Criminal Records Hey there folks, 
Got a few things going on this weekend - The Atlanta Artists Center -Photography Salon will be presenting their wonderful photos, from traditional to manipulated images will be on display the entire month of October. Come out on Sunday 10/2 from 2-4PM. 
Next up is the cattle call of artists from the local scene - OFF THE WALL - November 13th from 2-4PM - where artists will be displaying their work for rock bottom prices. Three rooms priced at $200 $400 and $600 - from all levels of work and age. 
Then starting in January 2012 we will have a Martin Luther King, JR Mural show… it will be so beautiful one big image all over the center. 
NOW FOR THE BIG EVENT: Bake What Your Mama Gave You! 
Criminal Records, a local record store, located in the small community of Little Five Points of Atlanta GA, is in need of money. And what else to do? Hold a bake sale! So with the help of the public, bands, and others we are setting up a bake sale on 10/27 at Smith’s Olde Bar during their benefit show to help raise money as well as see what kind of sweets we as a city can bake! We are still ironing out the details for the event but basically, bake something anything, it can be traditional grandma recipes to vegan to sugar free etc - but go to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Criminal-Records-Make-What-Your-Mama-Gave-You-Bake-Sale/238675342846733 
For more info! 

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Off The Wall will be coming up soon - so I want to everyone thinking about the what you want to show for $200 $400 $600 - this is a chance to get your work up that you've been working on, meet new artist friends, and perhaps sell! 
So contact me at Jill@scribblesstudios.com for a contract and if you have a question.... 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Clever Song by Roger Allen Wade

The Weekly Skirt Report

Good day!
Well I am hoping we are all ready for fall: We had a great party.
Below is a great show coming on October 2nd





AtlantaGA – For the second year, the AtlantaArtistsCenter’s Photography Salon, will be celebrating with the annual juried show, “A Photographic Celebration,” featuring 50 works by AAC members. This will be in conjunction with the city-wide Atlanta Celebrates Photography 2011, which focuses on traditional photographic imagery, but also encompasses digital computer manipulation techniques. This exhibit will run the month of October, with a reception on Sunday October 2nd from 2-4PM. It’s free to the public with refreshments and a cash bar.

The juror for the show was Mark Karelson, co-owner, Mason Murer Gallery, in Atlanta, GA. “Mark is known in the domestic and European art communities for his ability to showcase many art forms, including photography, and he works tirelessly to give back to the communities where he enjoys a presence. We were honored to have him jury the show,” said H. Gay Allen, Chairman for the show.

A cash and ribbon award will be given during the reception for Best of Show; and ribbons will be presented as Awards of Excellence for the following categories: Technical Excellence, Artistic Excellence, Photographic Technique, and Pushing the Digital Envelope.

The AAC Photography Salon is “an informal, photographic artists’ education, discussion and support group of those who use one, or all, forms of photography as their means of artistic expression.” See:http://www.atlantaartistscenter.org/

Hours and Times of the exhibit are as follows: Tuesday – Friday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Call 404-591-3900 for additional hours. Come by for lunch to take in all that is on display, or have a cup of coffee and browse around.

The Defoor Centre is located on 1710 Howell Mill Rd off of I-75, near the Westside neighborhood and in the interior design trade markets. For more information, please go to their website:www.defoorcentre.com and the Facebook page for the arts: https://www.facebook.com/groups/100855482702/

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report - Time To Go Shopping

Hey there I will be up at the Historic Marietta Square tomorrow 9-09-2011

Here's a list of what I will be selling:

Marietta Square Art Sale 9-10-2011

In A Blue Mood – 2005 - $500.00

Venice (Small) – 2009- $600.00

Lazy Susan – 2006 - $200.00

Brown Jar – 2005 - $200.00

Grapes in Flute Glass – 2006 - $650.00

Grapes on a Lazy Susan – 2011- $200.00

All Dressed Up – 2007 - $250.00

Grapes In Milk Glass – 2006 - $550.00

Connection on a Mountain – 2007 - $375.00

Flowers In A Vase – 2009 – 500.00

Venice Again - 2011- $750.00

Paired Up – 2011 - $$200.00

White Pitcher -2011 –Acrylic on Paper in Frame - $150.00

White Decanter – 2011 – Acrylic on Paper in Frame - $150.00

Confetti - 2009 - $1250.00

Twisted About -2011-$650.00

Peachy Keen -2011 - $800.00

Pea in Milk Glass – 2007 – Glicee - $200.00

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Defoor Centre 2012 Schedule

2012 Defoor Centre Schedule –
(dates/artists are subject to change)

January – February
Delsarte Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial Mural – All over the centre
The Forum – Sharron Ragan

March – May
The Forum- Philip Myrick
Encore- Jennifer Squires
Rhombus - Rachel Cavingella
Gatsby –Ashley Cooke
Bar/Café- Susan Calvert
Lobby – Carla Powell

June – August
The Forum – Helen Ferguson Crawford
Encore – Robin Fay
Rhombus – Casey Olsen
Gatsby – Diana Bidulescu
Lobby – Teri Levine
Bar/Café – Rebecca Saledo
Through Walls – Adriana Antequera

AAC – October Show (TBD)

September – October  
The Forum – Marcellus
Encore – Corey Barksdale
Rhombus – Anthony Harris
Gatsby – Mitchell Chamberlain
Bar/Café – Matt/Dim Horizons
Lobby – Ray Dafrico

October – December
The Forum – Erin-Elizabeth Durham
Encore - TBA
Rhombus - TBA
Gatsby –2012 Defoor Centre Schedule –
(dates/artists are subject to change)

January – February
Delsarte Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial Mural – All over the centre
The Forum – Sharron Ragan

March – May
The Forum- Philip Myrick
Encore- Jennifer Squires
Rhombus - Rachel Cavingella
Gatsby –Ashley Cooke
Bar/Café- Susan Calvert
Lobby – Carla Powell

June – August
The Forum – Helen Ferguson Crawford
Encore – Robin Fay
Rhombus – Casey Olsen
Gatsby – Diana Bidulescu
Lobby – Teri Levine
Bar/Café – Rebecca Saledo
Through Walls – Adriana Antequera

AAC – October Show (TBD)

September – October  
The Forum – Marcellus
Encore – Corey Barksdale
Rhombus – Anthony Harris
Gatsby – Mitchell Chamberlain
Bar/Café – Matt/Dim Horizons
Lobby – Ray Dafrico

October – December
The Forum – Erin-Elizabeth Durham
Encore - Cheryl D’Amato
Rhombus – LeAnne Zafuto
Gatsby – Paola Seguel 
Bar/Café – Shirley Harrison
Lobby – Sharon Crumley

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report

The new version of this is being worked on and then I will probably just ween this off... dunno yet.

So what's new for this week:
We have several things going on at the gallery on 8/25 at 7PM at the Defoor Centre. So it's free and the bar will be open... if you weren't able to make to the June show... this is your LAST TIME...

SEPT 11th from 2-4PM the gallery the following artists are there: Jenny King-Donna Thomas-Philip Myrick, Chelsie Neiman, and Jason Moore...

THEN OCT 2 the AAC Photography Saloon - will be up for their show - wonderful traditional to the oddly manipulated will be on display... So be on the look out... for that

AANNNNNNNNNNNNNND drum roll please -Charlie...

OFF THE WALL is on NOVEMBER 13 - if you are an artist, get with me at jill@scribblesstudios.com to get the details. This is a chance to sell your work at rock bottom prices $200 $400 $600 so start going through your studio, and make sure it's ready to go... OFF THE WALL.. so easy peasy...

THEN this really uber-creative couple the Clemmers will be showing their REALLY unique process in which they print photos on non traditional surfaces. Like WOOD, and Metal. I think this isn't your papa's photo hobby stuff. We will be talking to them soon about it so we can look smarter...

THEN starting in January we have a BIG mural show going up... it will be in honor of MLK and we will be announcing it soon.

So be on your best and we will have a great rest of the year.

Monday, August 15, 2011

How Young We Used To Be

You know how young we used to be

2010 - Jill Kettles

You see my picture on the wall

I was young and no good at 6ft tall

Strung out through my mind

And robbing myself blind

That was back awhile

Long time ago and just the other day

It was a birthday

A wedding and a funeral

that just passed by

You know how young we used to be

Just me you and free

Nowadays I wear a St. Michael Coin

Hoping it will see my crying

It keeps me safe at bay

I kiss it every night when I pray

You see how the clock has got me

Right between the eyes

With a busted nose

To match my heartbreak

You know how young we used to be

Just me you and free

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report

This time: Love and Happiness

*...makes you do right makes you do wrong....* -Al Green

What makes your art form happy. Is the prepping, the journey or the end result? Is it the stops or the u-turns? I usually have a basic idea - and then I start to paint to see how it goes. I tend to stay on the path and not sway, but what I have a hard time doing is - coloring outside the lines. I've been doing the same type of thing for years. I've not sold, but everyone seems to like it.
So I try now and then - like my picture postings did I do it? I try to get looser then I feel bad that I'm not doing what I was doing before how that affects me.

Guilty? Ugh, yes.

How will I know it? Does this bother you too? How do you work through it? I feel like if I just push myself through the paint and the image, then I will get it done. If I walk away from it, then I lose my connection... I try to draw it out from time to time or use paper as my canvas, to not waste but that too is another animal.
So how do you push and pull your way through?

Best of-s this week:

PASTRY SHOP: Douceur de France on Powder Springs Rd near the square. I'd see this place from the street a few blocks over but never made it... so we spent $35 bucks there... ouch! Very good all over. Just don't go in the AM for it's WAY too busy. The owner is a small french woman and had a great cafe/pastry shop. I call it a chick joint. For the men in there looked miserable. I guess it's safe to say: Paybacks are mofos?

Burger's Market -score again. I swear the Marietta Square one - is SO HARD to park there. UGH.

Went to REVive Coffee - one to see an artist's work, Chris Hamer - which my husband loved two to have a cold mocha frappe - yummmm and get the person's name to put my name in the hat for showing. It was a roasters paradise...

BBQ: Mr. D's over by South Cobb High School - small little place and their sauce is sweet and tangy. This was the 2nd time there, I had Brunswick Stew - very good and hubby had pulled pork. Again, good.

Then I tried my app: ALL RECIPES: Dinner Spinner to look for something different for dinner. All Recipes it's called. I found Macaroni Meatball Soup. Well I don't know why I didn't see the MEATBALL part or I would've bought frozen ones... anyways, I improvised. I had to add some more tomato sauce and then I turned it into a casserole: put cheese and croutons on top.

YUMMY. The Creme Brulee... eh.... well I've done better.

I didn't eat it but it was runny.... so in it goes to the freezer. Then I took Sugar Free choc. pudding and graham crackers - crumbled them and put them mini-bundt cake molds, and then lite whipped topping... that's for tonight.

As we glide into this fall season, let's see what we can do new.

Hubby and I have been going some where new and basically free for the past for weeks. The High - was basically free because we have a membership courtesy of his job. Then we went to the Falcons Football practice... it was clear across the city and beyond but fun to go to... that was free.

Our buddy, Giovanni's had a big write up in the Marietta Daily Journal about 2 weeks ago, I hope that helped him out. It also ran in their neighbor newspapers - yayayayay *throws confetti*

The Fall Art Season is done:
Sept 11 through the end of the year with various shows in betweens are -

Make Some Noise: Jenny King, Chelsie Neiman, Philip Myrick, Donna Thomas and Jason Moore

The AAC Photography Salon of ATL photographers - Oct 1-31st

The Clemmers - two image makers but with totally different ways to do it. They will be up in Nov-Dec

THEN *Drumroll* THE MLK SHOW - Murals galore!

New thing I've done with my twitter: all tied up and in ribbons and curls: http://paper.li/scribblesstudio/1312398617

Friday, July 29, 2011

AW quote-It's all your fault....

An artist is someone who produces things that people don't need to have - the part left out was: but that he - for some reason - thinks it would be a good idea to give them."

I think it's a self esteem issue. If you haven't thought about it - art is a dying art form. We are in the middle of being washed away. Especially with music. But I will stick with visual art first.
First we (artists) are being asked to draw out our lives in caves then we have to carve out walls in Egypt and while in Rome we are building for the gods for their approval. During the days of Jesus we HAVE TO DRAW judgement day you know why not - it's complicated. THEN in England we are trying to apease the royalty with finally we get over to the states and we are squashed. What is it with you all (the public)? You all want song and dance and something pretty to look at but you want it for free? Hmmmm no.
Then after a few minutes of pondering. Ok sure fine we get a show a big round of clapping maybe a new home and hot chick. But we are still unhappy. GOSH we are miserable. Drunk, surly, talk to ourselves.... can't have a relationship with anyone because we are married to our work.
Are we married to our work? That's another question.I think we are married - and we want to happy but we can't because so much is being asked of ourselves. We try to be shocking, we get frowned upon we do traditional and we get "why did you do this?"
So back to the quote: Warhol meant something by this. He meant it in a plastic way (using his own language) but whenever you say something this profound even in a joking way you meant something by it.
I think he meant to say: We are not pawns. We are not free-loaders unless you make us that way. Unless we depend on it because you couldn't pay me. We are your history book, bible illustrators, thought provokers, diary entries, room decorators, hotel lobby entrances, and main street square shockers. Are we worth it? Sure everyone is. One would pay for an lady of the night right? You'd have to or she bring her boss in the photo. Everything blows up and your life is a country song. Lost girl, lost truck and lost dog?
So back to our dying friend art: Poor thing, did we see it coming yes. did we try to do something - yeah sorta - not enough or we wouldn't be talking about this.
So, I say pay up or give up but I won't give up cause no one can put a price on my artistic journey. No one.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Working on quote from Andy Warhol

Working on quote from Andy Warhol

It’s a doozie. I think personally he was honest and thinking that a lot of artists don’t sell and at the end of the day they just want people to love them. It’s just that simple. And the only way they can achieve that is through giving it away. Which is sad because it’s not want we want, but some times it’s what we get in life that makes us stronger. So, I will continue dissect Warhol. That’s just my first thought of the day…

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Paintings for Blog

P3030045-85x111veniceP8290044_editedMilk Glass with Draping GrapesConfetti!andycakes
P7270042_edited-74x75[1]PC220066-56x75[1]Milk_Glass_with_Draping_Grapes-71x100[1]P3030025-75x100[1]Flowers in  Vasevenice number 3
peachy milk glassglass paintingcanter close updetail of ppphotodefoor sign
Painted Fruit - cropped - colored

Paintings for Blog, a set on Flickr.

Slideshow for new and older works

Friday, July 22, 2011



July 13, 2011

Contact: Jill Kettles



Prices go up this time: 200-400-600

Atlanta GA – The Defoor Centre gets ready for another Off
The Wall show – this time we are upping the prices to $200, $400 and $600 for
artists to sell at. The week long show starts on November 13, 2011 with
afternoon party and comes down Friday November 18th. This is a great
time to check out the local artists, see what’s been going on in their studios,
and maybe buy a unique gift this year for the Holidays. Various artists, whether it been on paper or
on metal or sculpture or pottery this is a great chance to see the goods of
city’s most creative people.

“Over the past five years, since the first show, we’ve
changed it up a bit but always staying in touch with the basics, good work at
unheard of prices. It’s important for the non-art crowds to see more than
what’s going on and not been in a festival mode this is a gallery show,”
explains art director Jill Kettles. It was played upon her time at New Visions
Gallery at the TULA art center in Buckhead that gave her idea to create her own
to carry on the legacy. As a large gallery the place is able to house a lot of
work and it shows it various set ups as each room is different in its wall

Many well known and well-liked artists have been a part of
this; Karina Keri-Matuszak who
was voted best emerging artist from Creative Loafing readers, in 2008. Longtime
veteran gallery and marketing guru Sharron Ragan, whimsical mixed media Mark
Collins, and cutting edge photographer Matthew White have all been there from
day one. This is what makes the sales good, they’ve all sold and they are a
continuing force to drive more artists to this show. Sometimes just being
around them gives you the inspiration to do more.

So come out with your artistic minds in hand and your check
book in tow to be prepared to buy some fabulous work, cause it will be gone
before you can blink.

About the Defoor Centre:

The Defoor Centre is located off Howell Mill Rd in Atlanta
in the reviving Westside neighborhood, where a lot of local vendors that cater
to the interior designers have been going to for years. The Centre has been a
growing facility hosting major fundraisers to corporate meetings to private
weddings all in house catering with a full bar. 100 years ago this place was a
hospital for the soldiers fighting at the Battle of Peachtree Creek and to this
day they are “still there.”

For more information on the Defoor: www.defoorecentre.com or
just come by Tues-Friday to get something to eat and browse – 1710 DeFoor Ave
Atlanta GA. On Facebook-www.facebook.com/defoorcentre or search for the Defoor
Center ARTS group!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report - When Your Slip Is Showing

Brick Wall or Styrofoam?

So last week I got to talking about Andy Warhol and I stated that he must've been onto to something with his quote: and he was: there was more to it: "An artist is someone who produces things that people don't need to have - the part left out was: but that he - for some reason - thinks it would be a good idea to give them."

SO that's the question is good to give away or swap or just wait til it sells. SO now what did he mean. Do we give away when it's just been dusted? Do we give it away because it's your LEAST like piece? Or do you let them pick. Well see what kind of fire we can kick up...

I see what Andy is saying here as we have a need for validation of praise. Even if it's bad. We can take it. And sometimes there's times that I want - would INVITE folks to say I hate it or It's bad, or it sucks. I really would. Of course they'd have to MEAN IT. We need something to carry on we are humans even if we claim we don't. But is that important? It's such a brouhaha in our selves... such an inner fight.

So when someone says I don't really need your painting does that mean, I don't like it? Or does it mean they want it for free. Wel your time and materials are for free. And that's when the emotion needs to stop. It's not business. So, how do you do it?

This brings up the question of well if reverse the situation. Would they like to do something they do for free? I don't know like a surgery ... prolly not. So here's something I stumbleupon: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2dDWtT/artbistro.monster.com/benefits/articles/11972-7-ways-to-get-your-target-gallery-to-represent-you

And I think it's a way to think outside of the box.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report - What He Said...

He being Andy Warhol:

An artist is somebody who produces things that people don't need to have. --- Andy Warhol

..... So what does he mean by this: I will be working on more a in-depth version go a little deeper than the subjective-ness of it. I feel that Andy was trying say that people aren't gonna buy unless they want to. It's not bread on the table or clothes on your back. It's quite simple yet actually can be involved. Does this mean Warhol was being snide to his fellow peers and colleagues - maybe he was like that alot - was he saying the truth and no one wanted to hear it? Or did they just brush it up as they didn't hear him. Maybe they rolled their eyes at him. BUT he was onto something.

Does this effect the artist? Sure it does.

So I will drop ideas and opinions that I get and research this further and keep you posted.
And another idea: in the near future: why do we create and why do we feel like our time is up at times. How does one get through it? Is it the process or the end result?

So, just some food for thought.

As for Faves - this past weekend I hit up the Bugers Market in Marietta - I've decided it's gonna be really hard for me to get up to the Marietta Square in time for the good stuff so I will go again, but it's gonna be really hard to do the 9AM thing. So, then Hubby and I went to the GA State Farmers Market. That was sad. I don't know if it's busier earlier in the day or if the summer is not good for it? I didn't see a GA Farm there. I saw a lot of Latin American stands but it was really empty and said. I feel bad for the state of GA has a lot to offer. Maybe I hit it on the wrong time of the year. My next market I want to go to is one in Powder Springs and one in East Point. They both look good.

Then we hit up Giovanni's again. This is the best italian restaurant by far and wide. It's off of the East-West Connector in Austell GA, a few miles from home and tad outta the way but WAY WORTH IT.

Then on Sunday I hit up the gym, the Wal-Mart and the Kroger - ALL neighbor faves but not locally owned. I was on the hunt for a staple gun DO YOU BELIEVE W-M didn't have one?

Amazing I know.

Fave book: ugh, still reading the Andy Warhol book still reading the PR book and NOW I wanna read Toelle book The Power of Now. I've been meaning to. THEN I wanna...

I have to add this: Fave APP: yeah the MOMA has a cool app they have audio tours and I have to say it's soooo cool. I haven't found another gallery or museum that matches them. SO tell me is there another one out there? I love it. Which leads me to another thing that I can't talk about right now. So...

Then my other new thing is Google+ - it's so cool to be apart of something that has potential to be so good. Cross my typing fingers. It's awfully quiet around there...

ARTISTS: OFF THE WALL IS COMING IN NOV 13 - so keep on the look out for stuff... flying around.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report - Decided to Splurge

Decided to Splurge: On a free album from Amazon-sometimes they are good and sometimes they aren't but this seems to be ok. It's singer/songwriter stuff so it's moody... maybe a good thing after such a crazy nutty weekend: http://thefreebieblogger.com/free-singer-songwriter-album-download/
So, check out Amazon.com - they have freebies all the time...
Back to the studio: Worked on some paintings this weekend. I think my series of (muffled voice) will have to take a back seat for a while. Gotta work the kinks out, I got to thinking after getting very far on one - will this work? Does the story convey through it? Would any one GET IT? I dunno. This is the hard part of being an artist. I know it sounds horrible but I mean I thought WHO BUY IT? (sad I know) then I was questioned am I an artist or a craftsman? Well after a day or so of thinking of it, talking to myself and throwing a fit, I think I am both. Even though I've donated a few pieces over the years I've never considered me selling my work. I mean it's somewhere else, but I didn't get the money. I get that some will think I have but in the clear sense of selling art - I haven't. Am I wrong? Am I playing the part of a the cynical artist?
These are the questions at hand folks. I mean does it really matter? Hence my drinking problem. I mean really is this way so many artists are surly?
UGH - great and now what do I do with all these health mags?
Favorite - Time:
Didn't make it to the Farmers Market on the Square nor the DK Gallery to re-check out the work but I will. The Marietta Square is great but not on a holiday weekend... when everyone figures out that it's there and well they've finally made it once this summer.
Restaurant: mmmm... Brusters was good. Yeah a vanilla ice cream blast with cookie dough pieces - mmm yeah... too bad they can't do yogurt ones.
Store: hmmm didn't really go into any indy stores: does Hancock Fabrics work? I got a steal of a deal on canvas - to finally cover almost all but one of the stretchers that sweet Cindy Davis gave me! YAY! So little has been spent on prepping but so much on creating..
Product: I guess this again, was a non-indy type of weekend. Sigh.
Book: Still reading the PR book although I think I can say I'm done. I reading alot of the same stuff online. Andy Warhol's book is always a good read just to read something different than the paper.
Music: Mainly listened to classical while in the studio. So, pick and choose the brooding mind of sonatas and minuettes... or waltz... whatever you should want.
So now what. The best thing to do is keep painting what've been painting til I screw it up. I am not sure when this series will come about but I am sure something will. All I can do is keep drinking... water...

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report 6-27-2011

The Weekly - Mini- Skirt 6/27/2011
What happened to this month? It was SLOW. And we still have about 4 days left - I think I know why - Huly is coming - it won't last long but it's a doozie. Huly is a joke between me and a client's manager. It started off a mistake in a email - so we went with it. A two week or three week period where everything is soupy, smoggy and well it folds into itself. So it's coming just wait - to compare it to anything it would fall under sometimes like Mardi Gras with out all the drinking and debauchery. Then July sets in, and we just tend to lay there. Too hot for words.
Ok - art is coming slow to me lately. Got a deadline of August to get a series up and on canvas. I don't wanna give it away so I sit with duct tape on my mouth. Again.
*muffled voice*
The Defoor Centre is open folks: go and get a good lunch, watch the art on the walls dance, and scare a ghost or two there. It's very easy - just look at the air and say boo.
This week's faves:
Marietta Farmer's Market: went up there - checked it out - it was good, ok and maybe I outta get up there earlier than 11AM - so far the Bibb Lettuce was great, the tomatoes -hmmm - I am a freak for good ones and they are ok.
But I got some lip balm from a local homemade maker - in GA - called Rinse - bath and body - products - everything smelled so good so I got some balm. It's 100% made with squalane and apricot kennel oils. I like it - with exception - it's very googey - I get nervous about how googey it is, incase it bleeds all over my purse. Then label is thin - the ink rubs right off - so I've had to be very careful in how I handled it so I could read off of it to tell you all. But the link to the site is: www.rinsesoap.com
So going to the Square was fun. I walked around went into the DK Gallery - they will have a folks art showing this week: Various ones... gotta go back. Went into some cute little stores - some bakers - and then opted out for pizza slices at the Marietta Pizza... hmmmm good stuff.
Then on our way home from dinner - we stopped by Giovannis' Italian Restaurant. He will be talked about soon in the paper in Marietta... so look out... YAY! He's got a great spread of food and it's so much better than the others. He's located off Austell Rd where the BJS was! He's on Facebook - just search it.
So, I've decided to re - read the Andy Warhol book - the PR book is good. Just boring. Will continue to read but not talk about. Let's see what seeps through of it and what doesn't.
Turntable Madness - the newly minted Trigger Hippy - featuring Audley Freed, Steve Gorman, Nick Govrik, Jackie Greene and Joan Osborne - if you knew the story behind it, you'd laugh. They are very much in the same vein as Todd Snider's song - Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues... check out... they are hard working people so I AM sure something will be recorded. http://youtu.be/3CPKPpgJAwo oh and go to their Facebook page: it's quite fancy.
Song for the day: the link above - will do.
Now for the hard part - wrapping this up... tape - paper - box of air. Like the old days of working at Nordstorm - ready? GO-open box insert stuff- done- that was way too easy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The Weekly Skirt Report -

Today's word: Faith

Faith can be taken all kinds of ways. Faith in our lives that something will go well, to be a good thing, or something that will get you through the hard times in order to keep you from going insane. So as we wander through life we have to apply faith to everything - so why are some so weary of it? I know I don't trust myself at all with math and I have to lean on people to help me out. But I have faith in that it will work out somehow.
So I've been watching my horoscope on Yahoo as of late and it's been really good promises of all kinds of things... bright future that requires shades and positive thinking - etc etc etc. So when will this beacon of light come? I have no clue. BUT we have to be faithful in the outcome. I hate this cause it requires patience. I have it but sometimes it runs thin. So now what?
We sit and wait.

Faves for the week:
Viva Mexico - we went on Saturday night, it's a small Mexican place that we sometimes go to. So we went and I had a yummy chicken taco salad and a great dark Mexican beer.

BOOK CLUB: nothing folks - gotta find something read. I MIGHT re-read the Andy Warhol - Philosphy of - A to B and Back Again. That was a great read....

WAX-ING: I've been hooked on Lady Gaga's "You and I" - and Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones version - then always back to Beth Hart... I am a strange music person. http://youtu.be/GJtq6OmD-_Y

RECIPES: I made a recipe from the AJC here and it was Chicken with Blueberry Salsa and you know it was good. Once I find it again, I will post it. The salsa was basically blueberries, onion, lemon juice and cilantro I think.

*will get back to that*

AT THE DEFOOR CENTRE: Journeys JUST started and it's through August 31 and will be nailing down a closing party date soon...

Then in October the AAC - Photography Salon will be up on the walls

THEN NOV 13 is OFF THE WALL: Let's get even with its 5th Year 200-400-600 price points. Details to follow... Gotta get a image for this...

*wanders off to flickr.com*

SO the sage advice for the day is you only get one time to pull the alarm - make it a good one!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The Weekly Skirt Report

We have our sundresses on and we are ready for the show! The summer artists are up at the Defoor Centre for the Journeys show opening party for 6/19 from 2-4PM. This will be a great display of some of the area's best visual artists even one from Nashville! The work look awesome in the galleries so we are tickled pink. So come out after church, brunch or if you are on your way to somewhere.

Ike Stubblefield will be on hand to entertain us on the piano - he's a marvelous player....

No eating places this time... sorr-eeeee....

My cool local find: PLATO'S CLOSET - a slighty used consignment shop. WOW - we just happened to be browsing around Goodwill's for frames and I looked over and saw the sign. I really have been wanting to go in one of these. SO, I bought some really cool shoes - see photo. They are a purple - a great patent shiny shoe w a gold heel - so cool. They are slightly small but leather stretches in my book. Guess how much I paid for them: $10. Yeah I rock bargains.
There are several locations and I went to the one in Alpharetta. So, go and take a look around. Doesn't matter how old you are.

Fave Local DJ - WRFG - Good Morning Blues - in Atlanta: Doug *BlackJack* Ketchum. He's awesome - thanks!


Still reading the dang book on PR but I am totally learning... *focus on audience*

Watching Treme on HBO. Best series behind The Sopranos, The Atlantic City mob one and Weeds. Yeah...

Music: nothing really... a lot of various tunes that move me...(sad I know)

SO you know what to do, go to the Defoor Centre on Sunday 2-4PM - and that's all I am saying...

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report 6/6/2011

The Weekly Skirt Report

So I am early...I've got a few things that I NEED TO SHARE... As my pal, Deb from San Fran would say, "I wanna share!"

Ok - The only finger wagging I am doing this week is - Come to the Journey's show at the Defoor Centre on 6/19 from 2-4PM - if you are in the Atlanta area. End of begging.

I am in the middle of a period in the year - where I have to figure it out for next at the gallery. So, here I go - I need a few good artists, man or woman, to fill up a HUGE gallery room - The Forum - will need 75 to 100 paintings. It all depends on their sizes. I need big, bold, colors, nothing sexual, violent or political.
So if you are interested and you think you've got what it takes... email me here.

FAVES for the weekend:
hmmmmm went to BURGERS MARKET - in Marietta - off of Canton Rd. - BEST TOMATOES EVER. So I got those, peaches, broccoli, cukes, and NE HI grape soda... Father in Law used to have it in his sweet tea, thought, well let's try it. LO and Behold. It worked. I saw a basket and I thought that would make a GREAT Lampshade... must go back.

I might sound like Martha Stewart for the moment but I only mean well:
Following recipes were tested this weekend:

From Country Living June Issue: Two of them actually
Corn on the Grill - I did the BBQ corn under the broiler...
Squash on the Half Shell - this was easy. You don't have to use the Ricotta cheese you can use feta.

And from June's Issue of Whole Living - Cherries on Toast - I used Melba Toast - cut calories WAY DOWN

Oh they were yummy...

Went to Pappadeaux's on Sat PM: oh it was BUSY... I guess the TV show Treme is bringing the New Orleans cusine up a notch. I got the Shrimp Ettouffe... it was YUMMY... and some Reisling Wine...I died. I wanted to take home a dessert but it was too late I was puffed.

THEN I made Peach Ice Cream cause last week's landed on the kitchen floor... so I pureed the fruit instead... wise idea...

Ok I had bought a dress last February at a 2nd Hand store, it was Sea Foam Green. I want to wear it on June 19th.... well I've been channeling my inner Molly Ringwald circa Pretty in Pink. So I've dyed the dress Black. Well turns out that RIT dye don't work on poly-ester. SO, went to Joann's - and they suggested to spray it. So I got 2 cans of Simply Spray. So far so good. Probably need 2 more cans. But man I never thought about it. See photos above... (looks eerie huh?)

So cross your fingers that it all goes black.

Now for Turntable mania: Got off of my Rolling Stones kick. So now I started to listen to The Jayhawks this morning but got interrupted by friend calling. So, we will go with that... Any cd, any song... any time - that's the kind of band they were.

Dog Ears: yeah I know still on the dang PR book BUT I've been reading a lot of

So what do know: One: Burger's has the BEST tomatoes - two: peach ice cream is better in the bowl than on the floor and three: clementine and carrot juice rules.
Have a good one!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hey there Folks, did you get your hems right? Zippers are mo-fos right?

Well my tip for the day is: Communicate - I don't care if you are touted the GREAT Communicator - you've run into situations where they just don't listen or think.
I've been known to skip it but there are times as artists that we need to slow down and think before we run off and do something. As a publicist and an art director at a gallery there are times when one just has to throw hands up and say oh well.
When you don't communicate - then you are making assumptions.
Consider this: 1-Ask - what could we say no? or we could say yes. It all depends. 2-asking helps me know that I am doing my job - whether right or wrong. I am needed. I am not just an ornament.
The funny thing is nowadays - our society isn't thinking we are doing. SO I beg you to think, before you act, speak and just ask.

LOCAL PICKS: Restaurant - THE VARSITY - yeah the greasiest spot in Atlanta. I had a BLT - their tomatoes were great! I love a place where the tomatoes are ripe and perfect. No green things. If I wanted green I would've ordered green right?

Local store: hmmm didn't go into any this weekend. OH WAIT I DID. oh that's a restaurant. We went to Fellini's Pizza on Howell Mill Rd. Got their fabu salad which just their pizza toppings on lettuce but their salad dressing... I have no clue what it is. I LOVE IT.

I went to the gallery this weekend twice. I traded a wonderful piece with former local artist, Alicia Araya who does this really interesting technique called a EnviroTek bath. Which takes paints, crayons, chalks, etc and changes their colors, and it seals like glass. So I've hung in my bedroom... it's so romantic. It's called House Note...there's a slight glare on it but it was hard not to get one. So thanks Alicia. Hope you like your roses.

Turntable: Been listening to ALOT of Stones, The Rolling Stones. So, anything by them right now.

Book: UGH the same on. I am a SLOW reader... so give me a break.

On the Boob Tube: hmmm we watched 5 epis of Treme. Love it - especially when the chef throws a drink on the food critic... What a rebel.

So what's the old saying,make like a prom dress and take off?

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report: May 25 2011

The Hemline is all screwed up! Rip it out!

TOPIC of the day: Save Face Keep Your Grace.
Why do I bring this up? There are several factors. One I encountered a media person that didn't pay attention to her email and read the whole thing. So when she said Take me off your list I proceeded to call her - trying to figure out what I did wrong. After talking to and calming her down, she apologized to me about it. This is the old saying of Don't Assume Anything for it makes an A$$ out of you and me. Right?
The way to attack or approach this and not make it worse with attitude is ask why.
So I hope folks out there will remember - read the fine print look at the notes and hear me out.

Dyed a dress this weekend, hmmm I might take a black paint brush to it... not working booo...

SO This Week's Faves:

THE POOL: this weekend is the official kick off for the pool opening - ALWAYS went Memorial Weekend. It was a kids ritual. So if you don't belong to one - go pay 5 bucks and use the city ones that are in need of your funds and the family is in need of a break.

EATS: hmmmm stay home and grill this weekend. You and your neighbors can have a grill fight. *MY Grill is better than yours...* Go to your farmers markets, kick back and breathe. Thinking of making homemade ice cream. just cause.

ON THE BOOB-TUBE: saw finale of HOUSE - was it a dream? and why does he drive SUCH a bad looking car - I mean he's a doctor!

DOG EARS AND CAT FUR: Been reading alot of blogs and articles on PR and how to get the word out there. Somewhere. Just need folks to know. SO no Danielle Steel books for me. Learning alot though.

MUZAK: Been going back to the vaults and listening to The Rolling Stones. Gimme Shelter has a nice ring to it.

Song of the Week: let's say it's The Black Crowes' By Your Side - WHY? It goes out to the people in the mid west with all those dang Tornadoes. So, there you go it's my Casey Kasem - Long Distance Dedication ...

So get out there, make your case. stake your claim and make some noise!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report: May 16 2011

It's the pleated truth folks...
I will start off with some serious stuff first:

Recently I was asked to write a reference letter for a friend of mine. I was honored for she is a truly good jewler. I feel like when writing an open letter to anyone receiving it I tend to think like a CD music reviewer in how I approach it. It's hard to figure what to say but I will give you three tips:
1-intro to create a visual of that person - if they are a musician - try to create a setting of where you would find them or how it sounds...
2-where you met-online, working together, thru a friend..etc
3-why you should pay attention - what makes them so special and stand out. Try to use actual facts to back up your love..
Then round up with I hope you see this in them too...
If you wear many hats, put the best one on as you sign off, with what kind of position you are to say who that person you wrote about is - What makes you the right person to talk about them.
Easy Peasy!

Local Yo-cals:

Local Eats: None but the bakery next door to the shoe repair shop on Terrell Mill Rd in Marietta looks really good. Might have to stop and get something there...

Local Shoe Repair: Terrell Mill Rd Shoe Repair Shop - AWESOME work. If you have shoes that need to be fixed, freshen-up or polished, go there... I got three pairs of heels, done for $30 - now I am not walking on nails. Shoe repair is a dying art... so to keep it going, go to your nearest specialized shoe repair man... they will love you for it.

TURN THE BEAT AROUND: I've been listening to old stuff lately. So my new-ish CD is Beth Hart my California and the Crowelogy from The Black Crowes.

DOG EARS - The Same book from last week, but I am finding out alot about what to do...

ON THE BOOB TUBE: HOUSE OF course...watched the Steven Tyler interview on E! w Matt Laur and I found him to be honest and clear-minded and I am glad that he is all comfy in his skin. He's fought alot and lived alot so he deserves happiness... Joe will just have to get over his bad self right?

Song of the Day: Found Another - Danielia Cotton - go to her myspace.com site and listen. I must be the one racking them up...

Monday, May 9, 2011


I am bringing my "blog" over here. I used to post it at my blogger blog. So I am testing out the idea of doing a local scene blog. I know there are TONS of them SO I dunno... Ok here we go:


Local Restaurant: Giovanni’s on East - West Connector is really good. It’s all made from family-homemade recipes in an easy going atmosphere. Just right amount of garlic and herbs – nothing that won’t disappoint you! Their prices are very good. You can see their menu online- Giovanni will wait on you… it’s the kind of place where one minute you are the only one and the next you’re see 50 more come through the door. So let’s get this place going in the right direction – A BIGGER DINING AREA… http://giovannisgenuineitalian.com/main/

Local Shoe Shop: Cherry Bomb in Atlanta’s L5P: – Shannon and the girls bring you some of the most outrageous shoes for very good prices. I think she is underrated as a shop with her unique picks and finds – go down there for it’s A LOT different than it was – new shops, new eats – check CB here on FB too… www.cherrybomb.com

Sometimes you have to go to Marshalls and such… just have to: So as we were looking for a shade for a lamp I made poor hubby endured 3 hours of the hunt. We were in Hiram - (don’t roll your eyes) we went into Kirkland’s on the main drag – you know I thought it was going to be hoity-toity but it was reasonable. Found the shade – bought the lamp to get it then we went to LOWE’S – found a plethora of shades… what is my problem? I should’ve started there first. Much closer to home. Oh well, he got a Cold Stone Creamery shake out of it…

Many of you know by now, I am the art director at the Defoor Centre and since this is my blog I am going to toot my own horn: June 19th 2-4PM with local southeastern artists – Journeys – at the Defoor it outta be cool especially with Ike Stubblefield, who’s working diligently on his CD release… shhh…

On the Turntable: nothing. I am sorry I suck. I will work on it.

Watching on the Boob Tube: House!

Dog Ears and Turning Pages: The New Rules of PR and Marketing - http://www.amazon.com/New-Rules-Marketing-PR-Podcasting/dp/0470113456

Song of the Day: “I’m Living Good” performed by Dan Penn/Spooner Oldman – cause no matter what… I got hubby so I am living good… From their live cd: “Moment From This Theatre”

So hang out and wait for the next one. If you like it, cool if not - I promise it will get better…


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Journeys at the Defoor Centre 6/19 Show Opening 2-4PM

Journeys: From Here to There and Back Again
Summer Season with Vickie Martin and Friends
June 19th Opening Party


The Defoor Centre’s summer season opens up with four well established Southeastern artists that will blow your tiaras off your head. Vickie Martin, Tina Jones Ciranni, Laura Parker and Lisa Stevens will present recent works along with some familiar pieces. This wide selection of work will up from June 10th to August 31st with a Sunday soiree on June 19 from 2-4PM. The event is free and open to the public and kid friendly. JUST ADDED: musician Ike Stubblefield will be at the piano in the Forum Gallery.

Vickie Martin-Forum Gallery
A local-favorite whose work has been around the city’s best galleries, will be showing her complete collection of work. Rendered in paints, found objects and sometimes the use of salt – will give the images texture and depth. Vickie has found inspiration in all her surroundings. Her popular images of floating dresses and luminous moons will be a major focus of this showing located in the Forum Gallery.

“Vickie combines diverse materials and her own personal energy to create layered images that morph before your eyes and create visual poetry” - Lance Carlson, AIA owner of Carlson & Mosley Architects

To read more on Vickie: Vickie Martin

In the other galleries around the centre:

Tina Jones Ciranni, a mixed media artist that combines acrylic, collage pieces, spray paint and an occasional found object to create a pattern. A sense of direction she tries to emulate as we travel along in life. Her motto is if she can make you feeling something – happy or sad she’s done her job.

“Her playful images along with textures made with mixed media get serious on canvas to entice the viewer” – Michelle Davidson, Exec. Dir of the Defoor Centre

To read more on Tina: Tina Ciranni

Laura Parker, the free spirit of the group comes in with her musical background that began her journey years ago making it’s way through to her mixed media pieces pushing the art of abstraction. Her freeform of her hanging pieces are inquisitive, flowing as well as strong like the woman she is.

"Laura Parker, the artist and visual alchemist making paint into illuminations of the soul's gold" - Stacey Cohen, Fusionart Studio

To read more on Laura Parker

Lisa Stevens, our Nashville traveler, comes in with her luminous art – she is our LEED accredited (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) artist. This means she creates with non-toxic so it stands the test of time while using materials that are locally-sourced. Her magical lines and color bring her journey here so we can rediscover our inner curiosities.
“…the paintings will be a sufficient recipe for a pleasant day…”-Chuck Beard, Nashville Galleries Examiner
To read more on Lisa: Lisa Stevens

Ruth Gogel – A local photographer who’s taken the basic photo and manipulated it into something very abstract. The image becomes something inviting and eye- catching. Her images have been apart of many shows, juried awards and media.
"Among the most striking are some translucent photographs, looking like Impressionist paintings, by Ruth Gogel"- Liz Favus, Marietta Daily Journal
To read more on Ruth: Ruth Gogel

BREAKING NEWS: For entertainment at this show will be Ike Stubblefield, a world known B-3 Hammond Organ player will transfer to the grand piano in the Forum gallery and bring his magical fingers to amaze us. Ike has been a fixture in the music scene for 40 years always maintaining the tradition of the B-3 sound. He started off at Motown Records where he played with some music greats in the 60’s. He’s been on tour with Eric Clapton, shared the stage Derek Trucks, and most recently played on some Cee Lo Green’s sessions. He will be releasing a new CD, come summer filled with jazz, R&B and rock sounds all coming from this jewel of a musician.

This is the first time in a long time that these artists have been shown together under one roof. Their work will tickle your mind and grab your eyes in wonder. One will speak to you!

About the Defoor Centre:
The Defoor Centre is located off Howell Mill Rd in Atlanta in the reviving Westside neighborhood, where a lot of local vendors that cater to the interior designers have been going to for years. The Centre has been a growing facility hosting major fundraisers to corporate meetings to private weddings all in house catering with a full bar. 100 years ago this place was a hospital for the soldiers fighting at the Battle of Peachtree Creek and to this day they are “still there.”

For more information on the Defoor: www.defoorecentre.com or just come by Tues-Friday to get something to eat and browse – 1710 DeFoor Ave Atlanta GA. On Facebook-www.facebook.com/defoorcentre or search for the Defoor Center ARTS group!