Monday, June 27, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report 6-27-2011

The Weekly - Mini- Skirt 6/27/2011
What happened to this month? It was SLOW. And we still have about 4 days left - I think I know why - Huly is coming - it won't last long but it's a doozie. Huly is a joke between me and a client's manager. It started off a mistake in a email - so we went with it. A two week or three week period where everything is soupy, smoggy and well it folds into itself. So it's coming just wait - to compare it to anything it would fall under sometimes like Mardi Gras with out all the drinking and debauchery. Then July sets in, and we just tend to lay there. Too hot for words.
Ok - art is coming slow to me lately. Got a deadline of August to get a series up and on canvas. I don't wanna give it away so I sit with duct tape on my mouth. Again.
*muffled voice*
The Defoor Centre is open folks: go and get a good lunch, watch the art on the walls dance, and scare a ghost or two there. It's very easy - just look at the air and say boo.
This week's faves:
Marietta Farmer's Market: went up there - checked it out - it was good, ok and maybe I outta get up there earlier than 11AM - so far the Bibb Lettuce was great, the tomatoes -hmmm - I am a freak for good ones and they are ok.
But I got some lip balm from a local homemade maker - in GA - called Rinse - bath and body - products - everything smelled so good so I got some balm. It's 100% made with squalane and apricot kennel oils. I like it - with exception - it's very googey - I get nervous about how googey it is, incase it bleeds all over my purse. Then label is thin - the ink rubs right off - so I've had to be very careful in how I handled it so I could read off of it to tell you all. But the link to the site is:
So going to the Square was fun. I walked around went into the DK Gallery - they will have a folks art showing this week: Various ones... gotta go back. Went into some cute little stores - some bakers - and then opted out for pizza slices at the Marietta Pizza... hmmmm good stuff.
Then on our way home from dinner - we stopped by Giovannis' Italian Restaurant. He will be talked about soon in the paper in Marietta... so look out... YAY! He's got a great spread of food and it's so much better than the others. He's located off Austell Rd where the BJS was! He's on Facebook - just search it.
So, I've decided to re - read the Andy Warhol book - the PR book is good. Just boring. Will continue to read but not talk about. Let's see what seeps through of it and what doesn't.
Turntable Madness - the newly minted Trigger Hippy - featuring Audley Freed, Steve Gorman, Nick Govrik, Jackie Greene and Joan Osborne - if you knew the story behind it, you'd laugh. They are very much in the same vein as Todd Snider's song - Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues... check out... they are hard working people so I AM sure something will be recorded. oh and go to their Facebook page: it's quite fancy.
Song for the day: the link above - will do.
Now for the hard part - wrapping this up... tape - paper - box of air. Like the old days of working at Nordstorm - ready? GO-open box insert stuff- done- that was way too easy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The Weekly Skirt Report -

Today's word: Faith

Faith can be taken all kinds of ways. Faith in our lives that something will go well, to be a good thing, or something that will get you through the hard times in order to keep you from going insane. So as we wander through life we have to apply faith to everything - so why are some so weary of it? I know I don't trust myself at all with math and I have to lean on people to help me out. But I have faith in that it will work out somehow.
So I've been watching my horoscope on Yahoo as of late and it's been really good promises of all kinds of things... bright future that requires shades and positive thinking - etc etc etc. So when will this beacon of light come? I have no clue. BUT we have to be faithful in the outcome. I hate this cause it requires patience. I have it but sometimes it runs thin. So now what?
We sit and wait.

Faves for the week:
Viva Mexico - we went on Saturday night, it's a small Mexican place that we sometimes go to. So we went and I had a yummy chicken taco salad and a great dark Mexican beer.

BOOK CLUB: nothing folks - gotta find something read. I MIGHT re-read the Andy Warhol - Philosphy of - A to B and Back Again. That was a great read....

WAX-ING: I've been hooked on Lady Gaga's "You and I" - and Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones version - then always back to Beth Hart... I am a strange music person.

RECIPES: I made a recipe from the AJC here and it was Chicken with Blueberry Salsa and you know it was good. Once I find it again, I will post it. The salsa was basically blueberries, onion, lemon juice and cilantro I think.

*will get back to that*

AT THE DEFOOR CENTRE: Journeys JUST started and it's through August 31 and will be nailing down a closing party date soon...

Then in October the AAC - Photography Salon will be up on the walls

THEN NOV 13 is OFF THE WALL: Let's get even with its 5th Year 200-400-600 price points. Details to follow... Gotta get a image for this...

*wanders off to*

SO the sage advice for the day is you only get one time to pull the alarm - make it a good one!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The Weekly Skirt Report

We have our sundresses on and we are ready for the show! The summer artists are up at the Defoor Centre for the Journeys show opening party for 6/19 from 2-4PM. This will be a great display of some of the area's best visual artists even one from Nashville! The work look awesome in the galleries so we are tickled pink. So come out after church, brunch or if you are on your way to somewhere.

Ike Stubblefield will be on hand to entertain us on the piano - he's a marvelous player....

No eating places this time... sorr-eeeee....

My cool local find: PLATO'S CLOSET - a slighty used consignment shop. WOW - we just happened to be browsing around Goodwill's for frames and I looked over and saw the sign. I really have been wanting to go in one of these. SO, I bought some really cool shoes - see photo. They are a purple - a great patent shiny shoe w a gold heel - so cool. They are slightly small but leather stretches in my book. Guess how much I paid for them: $10. Yeah I rock bargains.
There are several locations and I went to the one in Alpharetta. So, go and take a look around. Doesn't matter how old you are.

Fave Local DJ - WRFG - Good Morning Blues - in Atlanta: Doug *BlackJack* Ketchum. He's awesome - thanks!


Still reading the dang book on PR but I am totally learning... *focus on audience*

Watching Treme on HBO. Best series behind The Sopranos, The Atlantic City mob one and Weeds. Yeah...

Music: nothing really... a lot of various tunes that move me...(sad I know)

SO you know what to do, go to the Defoor Centre on Sunday 2-4PM - and that's all I am saying...

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report 6/6/2011

The Weekly Skirt Report

So I am early...I've got a few things that I NEED TO SHARE... As my pal, Deb from San Fran would say, "I wanna share!"

Ok - The only finger wagging I am doing this week is - Come to the Journey's show at the Defoor Centre on 6/19 from 2-4PM - if you are in the Atlanta area. End of begging.

I am in the middle of a period in the year - where I have to figure it out for next at the gallery. So, here I go - I need a few good artists, man or woman, to fill up a HUGE gallery room - The Forum - will need 75 to 100 paintings. It all depends on their sizes. I need big, bold, colors, nothing sexual, violent or political.
So if you are interested and you think you've got what it takes... email me here.

FAVES for the weekend:
hmmmmm went to BURGERS MARKET - in Marietta - off of Canton Rd. - BEST TOMATOES EVER. So I got those, peaches, broccoli, cukes, and NE HI grape soda... Father in Law used to have it in his sweet tea, thought, well let's try it. LO and Behold. It worked. I saw a basket and I thought that would make a GREAT Lampshade... must go back.

I might sound like Martha Stewart for the moment but I only mean well:
Following recipes were tested this weekend:

From Country Living June Issue: Two of them actually
Corn on the Grill - I did the BBQ corn under the broiler...
Squash on the Half Shell - this was easy. You don't have to use the Ricotta cheese you can use feta.

And from June's Issue of Whole Living - Cherries on Toast - I used Melba Toast - cut calories WAY DOWN

Oh they were yummy...

Went to Pappadeaux's on Sat PM: oh it was BUSY... I guess the TV show Treme is bringing the New Orleans cusine up a notch. I got the Shrimp Ettouffe... it was YUMMY... and some Reisling Wine...I died. I wanted to take home a dessert but it was too late I was puffed.

THEN I made Peach Ice Cream cause last week's landed on the kitchen floor... so I pureed the fruit instead... wise idea...

Ok I had bought a dress last February at a 2nd Hand store, it was Sea Foam Green. I want to wear it on June 19th.... well I've been channeling my inner Molly Ringwald circa Pretty in Pink. So I've dyed the dress Black. Well turns out that RIT dye don't work on poly-ester. SO, went to Joann's - and they suggested to spray it. So I got 2 cans of Simply Spray. So far so good. Probably need 2 more cans. But man I never thought about it. See photos above... (looks eerie huh?)

So cross your fingers that it all goes black.

Now for Turntable mania: Got off of my Rolling Stones kick. So now I started to listen to The Jayhawks this morning but got interrupted by friend calling. So, we will go with that... Any cd, any song... any time - that's the kind of band they were.

Dog Ears: yeah I know still on the dang PR book BUT I've been reading a lot of

So what do know: One: Burger's has the BEST tomatoes - two: peach ice cream is better in the bowl than on the floor and three: clementine and carrot juice rules.
Have a good one!!