Sunday, March 29, 2009


SDA: Surface Design Assoc- Defoor Centre May 2-June 5- Art Reception on May 15th

Hey folks: we are scurring around to get stuff out and done.

Fave Links:
Ugh, I get them, and then I forget them. Oh I am so bad... so here go some I came about the other day: this is really great space but they have some valuable advice. See their top ten. - she is a made from scractch soap maker-has some great creations: Vanilla Chai Latte and Hippie Stink-Peppermint Goat Milk you will smell good, feel good and do good. I am twittering with ms "edna' verredesign. And she's very talented and fun to read her blogs and look at her jewelry! Check her out.

Defoor Centre:

May 1 - 31 Arzell Thompson will be in the Forum with his AMAZING and thought provoking paintings. He's been all over and graduated from the "Norman Rockwell's Famous Artists School" in the 60's. He renders coloful protraits and scenes.

SDA -Surface Design Association: Extreme Threads - will be on display throughout the Defoor Centre with their great fiber arts-this is not your grandma's quilting. This is textiles on caffeine and Sewing on sugar! So come out on May 15 for a great reception to meet with these talents!

June 11 - DON"T FORGET- THE GIRLY WHIRLY TWIRLY SHOW is coming around the bend.

Favorite Song: It Takes Balls To Be A Woman - this is a great and sometimes we need to throw fists and over turn skillets!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


After reading the article in Creative Loafing, called “Going Going”by Scott Henry, I got the feeling he was in fear of the Atlanta arts community disappearing. I really beg to differ.

I understand that ticket sales are down, and galleries have been forced to re think their plans but it doesn’t mean a dry up of our beloved scene. Maybe this severe change will reframe (pardon the pun) our visions.

When I first got here, back in 1993 there wasn’t anything here, the High, Faye Gold, Sandler-Hudson, and Nexus Comptemporary Art Center which is now the just the Comtemporary. There was the High of course, Alliance Theater, and the Fox Theater.

One of the reasons why I picked Atlanta, was because of the funky, bohemian, quirky art scene. Cities like Richmond, Asheville, Charleston and Nashville hadn’t started to flourish as of yet and maybe hadn’t if Atlanta hadn’t shown them the way.

So after a few years out of the art scene and I came back a couple of years ago, I found out the character that Atlanta once had was gone. The small community had gotten almost too big and I couldn’t find anyone. It was almost as if everyone that I knew had left town. Slowly I found folks but there wasn’t any of the charm. Even the music scene had gone despondent. I am wondering if Atlanta had gotten too big too soon.

To me, the city had a lot handed to us, the Olympics, the growth, the suburbs and back to downtown again. All for what, “Number One Southern City in Growth?” Ugh. No.
For once we are faced with something… something so big it’s small.

So what does a city like Atlanta do? A bunch of us creative souls need to think outside the box now. Maybe get more involved in our neighborhoods, communities and churches to explore our artistic sides with our friends. Life is not what it used to be now, and money doesn’t have to go to a swanky gallery and drink the swanky wine to get a sale and be the IT artist. All it takes is a house or a social hall or an Elk’s Lodge to hang out and share our creativity. Maybe those old garden clubs were onto something. Try imitating the old Paris salons and have a gallery party at your house.

So I say, rubbish to the Creative Loafing article and I think we as the surviving artists whom are going to be the victims, need to raise our own bars to create a new scene and when the economy comes around, then we will be ready to expand.

Oh and how about some media coverage on the local arts scene than covering something NYC or DC. WHO CARES! They have their own writers covering them.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am going strong huh... Well, this week was crazy but we are almost at the end. This week is the RITES OF SPRING on Thursday March 19th at 7:30PM. So if you are in the ATL area, come out! We need you!

Favorite Links: - this Michelle who is a local ATLANTA knitter and fellow etsy-er. Her work is colorful and well done! Check it out for your headbands, and spring scarves! is another quirky illustrator who uses humor, a sweet character named Tiffany and her adventures! interesting place, i will have to check more out! just stumbled upon it. Looks like a coold place. Huh.

Come to the Defoor Centre on March 19 at 7:30PM! Durand, Christina, Britney, Doug, Lori all there! It will be so cool!

Favorite Song of the Day- hmmmm I am listening to alot right now. So let's pull one out of the box here: Fall to Pieces.. yeah, my inner Aqua Net girl is oozing out. Yeah I swear that's as far as I will go... scouts honor.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Twitter is up and chirpping!

Ok... folks I have joined -
go let's go tweet!

notice there is no S at the end...

Monday, March 9, 2009


YAY! Well, we are almost a week away from the Rites of Spring show... March 19th at 7:30PM.

Fave links: cool hip place for clothes, shoes and if you can't get there, you can browse online and get ideas. I recently found or back in Dec I found this mag at Borders and it's filled with great green ideas as well as homemade projects. I pulled out my old bustier from my wedding dress... and now I can't figure out what to do with it... it's such a good mag to read and their site is really good too. this artist is really creative with encaustic - bees wax - painting. Her images are quite quaint and clever. Check it out they are inexpensive and would freshed up anyone's room!

Gallery News- Except for the Spring show... hmmm, the GIRLY WHIRLY TWIRLY SHOW! June 11 the Surface Design show in May and Arzell Thompson will be in the Forum during this time. Then come August the XY show... Then OFF THE WALL ... whew wee... we are busy.

Song of the Day: ok these guys are from Atlanta and I can honestly say I knew them when...
Check out their great harmonies and I love the song, STANDING THE MIDDLE!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I did it! One week over one Month! I wrote a blog for one month! YAY! I have some new links to post and I am hoping that you will all who can, come out to the Rites of Spring show opening reception on March 19th at 7:30PM

All the artists will be there to meet and greet!

Ok so this week has been a trying one but like everything else, we will prevail! We watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Friday night and Pursuit of Happyness... I suggest that everyone watch them both!

Featured Links: this is Steph's etsy page and she is very talented semtress with a twist they are pieces of art. She designs and redesigns dresses with her own touch. - these drawings are quaint and playful, whimiscal sorta of the Tim Burton type. She is a very successful at etsy!

skirt! Magazine- all girls-written by girls-for girls monthly mag with editorials, original covers and very unique gift ideas and they always focus on other girls' success! am thinking of doing this... but I am holding out... til I can make a decision. hmmm tempting!

Gallery news:
March 15 will be a Bridal Open see the Defoor Centre site for more details.

Coming in May:
Extreme Threads with the SDA of Atlanta
Arzell in the Forum with paintings

THEN IN JUNE-THE GIRLY WHIRLY TWIRLY SHOW! June 11 - Martha, Sharron, Christine, and Drew. This will be again an event of the summer season!

Song of the DAY:
BLOOD BROTHERS-Steed - singer/songwriter from Atlanta with a knack of storytelling and imagery... go listent to him and be a friend!