Sunday, March 1, 2009


I did it! One week over one Month! I wrote a blog for one month! YAY! I have some new links to post and I am hoping that you will all who can, come out to the Rites of Spring show opening reception on March 19th at 7:30PM

All the artists will be there to meet and greet!

Ok so this week has been a trying one but like everything else, we will prevail! We watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Friday night and Pursuit of Happyness... I suggest that everyone watch them both!

Featured Links: this is Steph's etsy page and she is very talented semtress with a twist they are pieces of art. She designs and redesigns dresses with her own touch. - these drawings are quaint and playful, whimiscal sorta of the Tim Burton type. She is a very successful at etsy!

skirt! Magazine- all girls-written by girls-for girls monthly mag with editorials, original covers and very unique gift ideas and they always focus on other girls' success! am thinking of doing this... but I am holding out... til I can make a decision. hmmm tempting!

Gallery news:
March 15 will be a Bridal Open see the Defoor Centre site for more details.

Coming in May:
Extreme Threads with the SDA of Atlanta
Arzell in the Forum with paintings

THEN IN JUNE-THE GIRLY WHIRLY TWIRLY SHOW! June 11 - Martha, Sharron, Christine, and Drew. This will be again an event of the summer season!

Song of the DAY:
BLOOD BROTHERS-Steed - singer/songwriter from Atlanta with a knack of storytelling and imagery... go listent to him and be a friend!

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    Happy Day
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