Sunday, February 22, 2009


YAY! A month old! I knew I could do it. Hee hee! Amazing things have happened. Ms Isabella is trying to stop me from doing this... no way! I have been painting and working on finishing up some work so I hope to have some new photos!

Favorite Links: she is a little bit electic, her prices are high but her ideas are inspiring to go on a search. I believe she was apart of the Andy Warhol Factory Scene. Anyways, you can sometimes get ideas from her make your own or find the elements and create the look. is a local Atlanta printing company that can print anything. Sean Johnsen the owner is very good and has wonderful pricing! Need a card- go there and get all your printing needs met is a local Atlanta gallery with a shop in the front - from tees to clunky rings to paintings, Kelly and company rock. Check it out - it's located on Highland Ave. between VA-HI and L5P.

THE RITES OF SPRING SHOW ON MARCH 19th at 7:30PM~ come out and support these six amazing artists! See you then!

Upcoming other shows-May-

Works in Fiber, Stitch and Surface
Georgia Surface Design Association Exhibition
Then in JUNE-
So be on the look out!
Song of the week: Once in A Liftime- TEXAS-
I love Sharleen... it's so sexy and sultry!

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