Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Why do friends let each other down and why loyalty is a sham

This is a serious matter.

When my world fell apart I thought I had friends - I was wrong. It took a good year to accept that they were just too busy and then after that, I had to fight being alone.

THAT is harder than having the flu.

But what I've learned is something so mean and cruel that we don't talk about it when we are happy. We only talk about it when we are sad or at 2 AM talking to ourselves. We are not good friends or people by and large and we are ALL at fault. We lose more friends to love than anything else.

When we 'fall' in love we stop hanging out with our friends. When we 'break up' we go back to the tree and no one is there. We call, we email and we text - and we think we did our friend duty?


I spent last year being a friend to a lot of people. I am worn out. Fed Up. And now it's their turn. I don't get it.

But what I am afraid of is my heart and soul getting so hardened by all this that I won't wanna be loved. At all. And that's a shame...

So look at yourself and your friends - are you matching or Swatching... ?