Sunday, April 26, 2009


The Girly Whirly Twirly Show
June 11 at 7:30PM
Favorite Links:
Makool Loves You was founded in 2007, it was developed as an online boutique for Makool, the clothing line. Here you will find small quantities of handmade items, from Makool, and their favorite designers from all over the world. We are located in misty, majestic, Portland, Oregon. If you would like to know more about Makool take a look in our blog. is an English artist that is wonderful with color. Her abstracts are warm and positive. She likes to use the color to evoke mood. So check her out!

Authentic Contemporary Art (formally Authentic Art Consulting) was founded in 2005 and now serves as an alternative source for emerging and contemporary art. Based in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area, Authentic Contemporary Art (ACA) provides emerging contemporary artists a unique opportunity to show their work in alternative site exhibitions and through a juried online art gallery.

Gallery News:
Art Providing Hope
The Morris Brown College Fundraiser is this Saturday at 6:30PM and if you are in a generous, mood come out and support the college and celebrate Arzell Thompson's wonderful work! see for more info and tix
August 20 thru Oct 22
Oct 23 thru Nov 4
Song of the Day...Can't Hardly Wait Justin Earle-Steve's son.

Monday, April 20, 2009


ok spent this past weekend, with parents, hubby went to Nashville late last week, came back Sat. So it was a little crazed.
hmmm, let's see here.

Favorite Links: this is Nemo and he's lives in TX and looking towards starting a new life with Denver with his wife Hannah. He's a wonderful drawer in the same vein as POP artists from the 60's. Crazy guy but you can twitter him and will find him funny! is my buddy in the big D, Mario Tarradell. He's a great writer-used to only concentrate only cool stuff now he's gotta do the whole she-bang. BUT he's great and I can yell and hang up the phone and HE KNOWS it's me.
That's love folks. That's PR gal and writer love. this is another Etsy chick-a-doo and she's funny. Her hobbies include-cats, driving behind blue haired ladies in 70's oldsmobiles and CAMPING. Check out her site and her twitter. Just understand she's dealing with all that Florida can bring and like their radio stations, they are still playing old heavy metal.


Ok DeFoor Gallery news: (make type writer sounds)-May 2 is Art Providing Hope with Arzell Thompson and Morris Brown. See site for more info:

May 15 - EXTREME THREADS-SDA Chapter in ATLANTA will up all month along but this is their reception! No cover charge but drinks are avail at the bar.

JUNE 11 - THE GIRLY WHIRLY TWIRLY SHOW! is almost here. This will be a great way to start off the summer... sassy -frassy and fun!

So the song of the day is : currently listening to Sharleen Spiteri's Melody... Aww it's an import but yet with old American R-B charm pulling fom Memphis-Dusty-Detroit-Diana Ross-Bobby Gentry.
LOVE HER VOICE...listen and buy!


FUNNY VIDEO-you will really laugh!
She's the one who TOLD PARIS HILTON OFF -

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter folks! Just got back from a family outing. Whew wee. I am watching HGTV-designing something but WAY COOL basement. I want my living room the same way - wait maybe not the same colors but the same idea.
I am so jealous.
Okay linky poos- I heart this place! They have a great staff and give great advice to artists. So read their blogs and you will learn something! Thanks guys!

Liza Meyers- she is a great gal with many talents. Her drawings and paintings depict the VT world around her but I LOVE HER SCULPTURE. I think it's got movement-form and character.

THEN this is the clincher-this artist contacted me after I followed her on Twitter- and we found out that we are related! Fourth Cousins. WOW!
Her work will remind you of Miro, Klee and Gorky but it's colorful and playful.

Went to Cherry Bomb, tried to meet my buddy Shannon but she's never there. I swear we have never met but her hubby and her staff can vouche for me. They have a lot on sale right now, so go get something there for you are supporting locals.

So anyways, the update on the gallery fundraiser- May 2 with Morris Brown College-May 2 it will be posted on so come out! If you can't make then come to the SDA show on May 15 at 7:30PM


So many choices: too many maybe! Nah!

Song of the Day: Ah man I can't think of one. So I will post Will Hoge:
he is so good... just really good music.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Awwww April Showers (seriously rain needs to stop)!
I had all these links written down, then poof! Just like that, I can't find them. Yeah I suck I know. Well, let's see here:

I have been twittering as you can see
I have been working hard on the Defoor's shows-
I have been trying to make things go...

so I guess that all I can do is post the gallery news:

May 2 at 7:30PM - Art Providing Hope: A fundraiser for Crossroads Ministeries starring painter-Arzell Thompson: for the info or

May 15 at 7:30PM - Extreme Threads: SDA of Atlanta- show opening reception.

June 11 at 7:30PM- The Girly Whirly Twirly Show - Martha-Sharron-Christine-Drew.... see myspace again for more info!

Song of the Day: I dunno...
I am not doing so well am I? I love Sharleen's voice so here's the video: