Monday, July 22, 2013

The Weekly Skirt Report

(I started to write this awhile ago)

Gut reaction: I decided I needed to bring back my Skirt Report:

".... I need someone a person to talk to
Someone who'd care to love 
Could it be you could it be you..." - Kiss Off - Violent Femmes 

Take 2:
I think some things need to be told, the truth of the matter is that we aren't talking to each other, can you recall the last conversation you had without your thumbs? Have you improved you vocabulary with abbreviations? Do you have a friend that just won't text but always call you in the middle of song and dance on the highway? And it pissed you off cause all you wanted was a chance to veg out? Yeah that one. And now you wish they'd call you. And you know how ATT would waive charges on Mother's Day? Yeah that too.

So when one someone says "gimme this and gimme that" and they don't want to work for it I tend to get guarded with my poker game, not because I don't like you, it's because sometimes you can't show everyone what you got all the time.

It's The Southern Rules of Cooking:
1-never let anyone know your potato salad recipe
2-never let anyone watch you fry chicken.

Apply all this to life. I think all this techie stuff is great and I miss the days of when I was the art director at the Defoor Centre - cause at least that got me in touch with real live creative people. I was touching art, smiling at people's faces and hanging out with the ghosts there. Grumpy old soldiers but still there.

I work in a business where I don't need to be anywhere to be everywhere, the internet killed that. And there are days where it fits just fine.

SO The Weekly Skirt Report is and will always be a spring board of thoughts, places, people and things. SO here's your CD of the day:

Gary Clark, Jr.

Get it.


Loyalty is faithfulness or a devotion to a person, country, group, or cause.

I think of this word alot lately, I think it's been abused and thrown around like a rag doll. The idea of working together for a cause is a good thing - it makes us better people all around. 

Sometimes one can over indulge themselves with how long they've at a job, a house, a spouse and sometimes it's just for show and tell. 

Where does it go, what happens to you? It's hard to tell with the ever changing world of technology and the way we do our business. Musicians are paid to be loyal to a certain brand of guitars and they have to be. Banks are sponsors for alot of things, 10ks, our community events and well, sometimes us customers. 


It depends I think on what it is. "Frank's a loyal customer here, at AT &T" or "Bob's a loyal fan of the Rolling Stones" or my favorite - "No one is going to be loyal to you." that hit hard to me one day. I'd been bending over backwards, waking up at 6AM waiting on texts responses all day til the last minute before I give up it shows up. 

Playing the part of the fool in my mind. 

For what? A pat on the back. 

Nah - a paycheck from someone whom I'd been working for? 


A mere thank you would help. 

Think about the next time when you go to the grocery store, the bank, or pick up the same magazine you'd been loyal to. 

What does it mean. 

Monday, July 8, 2013