Sunday, February 22, 2009


YAY! A month old! I knew I could do it. Hee hee! Amazing things have happened. Ms Isabella is trying to stop me from doing this... no way! I have been painting and working on finishing up some work so I hope to have some new photos!

Favorite Links: she is a little bit electic, her prices are high but her ideas are inspiring to go on a search. I believe she was apart of the Andy Warhol Factory Scene. Anyways, you can sometimes get ideas from her make your own or find the elements and create the look. is a local Atlanta printing company that can print anything. Sean Johnsen the owner is very good and has wonderful pricing! Need a card- go there and get all your printing needs met is a local Atlanta gallery with a shop in the front - from tees to clunky rings to paintings, Kelly and company rock. Check it out - it's located on Highland Ave. between VA-HI and L5P.

THE RITES OF SPRING SHOW ON MARCH 19th at 7:30PM~ come out and support these six amazing artists! See you then!

Upcoming other shows-May-

Works in Fiber, Stitch and Surface
Georgia Surface Design Association Exhibition
Then in JUNE-
So be on the look out!
Song of the week: Once in A Liftime- TEXAS-
I love Sharleen... it's so sexy and sultry!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Week 4! Yah! This past week slowed down a little. I am working on some new paintings and I will get some photos up soon. On a personal note-got new shoes at Cherry Bomb-and you should too!

Favorite Links: this is the list of local Atlanta Etsy sellers-a great way to support the local yo-cals... this is art critic Cinque Hicks' blog. This is a great place to read up on what's going on in the ATL area! this is a great gallery in Swainsboro GA - it's a community based group that prides itself in cutting edge art-artists and gallery space. Swainsboro is near Macon.

Gallery News:

Durand Seay interview is up on Moonshine-

THE RITES OF SPRING SHOW OPENING: March 19 2009 at 7:30PM - come out and meet the artists!

Arzell Thompson will be the artist of the month - MAY he will have his wonderful paintings on display in the FORUM Gallery.

Song of the week: well artist... I used to go see Butch Walker and his old group: Floyd's Funk Revival... he's become the most wanted producer and songwriter as of late... and I can honestly say, I have heard him play "We Got the Beat" from the Go-Go's at Smith's Old Bar...nice thing about Butch-he doesn't forget where his roots are... YAAH!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Hey it's week 3 and guess I should be? OUTSIDE! It's beautiful and sunny and warm... But it's getting to be 4pm and I guess like all good adults... gotta get ready for the work week.

Favorite Links: is a great creator of blends of spices and herbs that are exclusively made for you. She has a great esty shop as well as a blog. She is smart, sassy and very successful with her biz. It looks like she has some good advice to follow on her bog today! -Durand Seay is an wonderful painter with a eye for motion, perspective and light. He has a show at the Defoor Centre come March 19 and goes through April 30. He is going to be apart of The Rites of Spring show-so if you are in the ATL area... come on out! I heart this store... I love the shoes, accessories and dresses... Shannon keeps this boutique up to date with fashion and has a great staff that takes care of you. It's located in Atlanta's Bohemian neighborhood Little Five Points. It's the PINK shop on Euclid Ave. -the main drag.

News- Prints are available at my site...

Gallery News

Casey Olson will be having an artist reception for her paintings at the Defoor Centre on Thursday 2-12 at 7PM.

The Rites Of Spring show is nearing... opening on March 19th at7:30PM.

In May-The Atlanta Chapter of the Surface Design Association will have their month long show with many different fiber artists- including Leisa Rich, Martha Andreatos and Gray Griffith. These are unique pieces to show. Reception is TBA... probably that first Sunday in May.

In June-THE GIRLY WHIRLY TWIRLY SHOW will be up for the summer starting June 11th. This will be a great collection of all female artists from various backgrounds and mediums. So, mark your calendars!

So, song for the day... is a great singer-songwriter in NYC... she's awesome...

Monday, February 2, 2009


Week two... going well so far. I have my links here... Dee creates lavish suds and wonderful lotions and other potions for your body. These will keep you in the tub longer and your skin feeling like a baby's butt!'s shop is filled with her paintings on copper. These works shine and glisten as the paint tames the bright surface. She has an Ebay store as well. - recently came across this, and it's a blog about all woman artists all over the world.. very unique...


The NOW WHAT Workshop: went over so well! If you missed it, we are putting another one in the summer. So, keep in tune... "A is a good country key." (The Blues Brothers -the first one)

Got prints ready to go on Andycakes as you can see.


OFF THE WALL: 1-2-3: As you can see, I have posted the OFW announcement for this year. I really want this to be a big hit...the first year I didn't reach my goal of artists, last year, I didn't either-even though I thought, I I WILL NOT GIVE UP! That's why I am doing it this way... So pass this around to your fellow artists and tell them THAT THEY HAVE TO DO IT...

THE RITES OF SPRING: DEFOOR CENTRE- Opening March 19 (show duration: til April 30): Featuring Durand Seay, Christina Lorraine, Doug Smith, Lori Haley, and Britney Compton-all amazing artists, working with various mediums. This will be more than an opening, this will be an event...with more surprises along the way.

Other shows to look forward to: The Girly Whirly Twirly Show in June - The XY Show in August - Jesse Hamrick in November... again stay in tune.

OVERHEARD AT THE DEFOOR- ATLANTA GHOST HUNTERS - went on Atlanta's Q100 Bert Show and reported back with three diembodied voices. So, go to my site: so on the front page- you will find the two mp3s - WHOA!

Song for the week: you can view a great video on to see her talking about her encounter with Paris Hilton-it's HILARIOUS~

Sharleen Spiteri (lead singer of TEXAS) - All The Times I Cried...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

OFF THE WALL: EASY AS 1-2-3 Third Time is Gonna Be the Charm!

Third Time is Gonna Be the Charm!

Atlanta, GA- For the third year, the DeFoor Centre is going to host the OFF THE WALL show, this time it’s going to be three rooms, three prices and guess what- it will be a longer showing! Starting Friday, Oct 23rd with an opening reception and the work will stay up til Nov 3rd that’s 12 days! So what’s the scoop?

This year all the main three galleries will be open for artists to show their work off for three different prices. The Rhombus Room, the smallest, will be open for artists to sell a piece for $100, The Gatsby Room, will be open for $200, and The Forum, the big daddy, will be open for larger pieces and sell for $300! This will widen your chances of selling your work. And guess what else? You can choose what room you want or you can use all three or just one. I will though, have to approve the work for the Forum, due to the nature of the room, which is used for the centre’s events and gatherings.

The idea came to art director, Jill Kettles, while driving to the grocery store day after the 200 show, “I was thinking what could I do to make it better, easier, and bigger!? It needs to be better for the artists, easier for the buyers, and bigger so that the public will want to come.” Again, there is no entry fee or application fee. We will ask for the work, to stay up for the week, even if you sell. If you are a jeweler or small ceramics, we will place them in cabinets for display and safe keeping. The work will need to be in by that Friday Oct 23rd AM. I will again, ask folks to make display cards, bring their stands, and have it ready to come- OFF THE WALL!

So, watch for all the,,,, and and my blog, for bulletins and more announcements!

If you were apart of it this, the last two times, I really urge you to be apart again. Pass it around to your fellow artists. If you are new to this, don’t be scared, this is so easy and fun… it’s as easy, as well, 1-2-3!

The Defoor Gallery is located on Defoor Avenue just off Howell Mill Rd. in the newly refurbished neighborhood. A lot of interior decorators work in the area and there are a lot fabric, furniture and lighting vendors that are located nearby as well. The Defoor Centre is located at: 1710 Defoor Ave. NW Atlanta, GA 30318

For more info on the centre itself: