Sunday, February 15, 2009


Week 4! Yah! This past week slowed down a little. I am working on some new paintings and I will get some photos up soon. On a personal note-got new shoes at Cherry Bomb-and you should too!

Favorite Links: this is the list of local Atlanta Etsy sellers-a great way to support the local yo-cals... this is art critic Cinque Hicks' blog. This is a great place to read up on what's going on in the ATL area! this is a great gallery in Swainsboro GA - it's a community based group that prides itself in cutting edge art-artists and gallery space. Swainsboro is near Macon.

Gallery News:

Durand Seay interview is up on Moonshine-

THE RITES OF SPRING SHOW OPENING: March 19 2009 at 7:30PM - come out and meet the artists!

Arzell Thompson will be the artist of the month - MAY he will have his wonderful paintings on display in the FORUM Gallery.

Song of the week: well artist... I used to go see Butch Walker and his old group: Floyd's Funk Revival... he's become the most wanted producer and songwriter as of late... and I can honestly say, I have heard him play "We Got the Beat" from the Go-Go's at Smith's Old Bar...nice thing about Butch-he doesn't forget where his roots are... YAAH!

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