Friday, July 29, 2011

AW quote-It's all your fault....

An artist is someone who produces things that people don't need to have - the part left out was: but that he - for some reason - thinks it would be a good idea to give them."

I think it's a self esteem issue. If you haven't thought about it - art is a dying art form. We are in the middle of being washed away. Especially with music. But I will stick with visual art first.
First we (artists) are being asked to draw out our lives in caves then we have to carve out walls in Egypt and while in Rome we are building for the gods for their approval. During the days of Jesus we HAVE TO DRAW judgement day you know why not - it's complicated. THEN in England we are trying to apease the royalty with finally we get over to the states and we are squashed. What is it with you all (the public)? You all want song and dance and something pretty to look at but you want it for free? Hmmmm no.
Then after a few minutes of pondering. Ok sure fine we get a show a big round of clapping maybe a new home and hot chick. But we are still unhappy. GOSH we are miserable. Drunk, surly, talk to ourselves.... can't have a relationship with anyone because we are married to our work.
Are we married to our work? That's another question.I think we are married - and we want to happy but we can't because so much is being asked of ourselves. We try to be shocking, we get frowned upon we do traditional and we get "why did you do this?"
So back to the quote: Warhol meant something by this. He meant it in a plastic way (using his own language) but whenever you say something this profound even in a joking way you meant something by it.
I think he meant to say: We are not pawns. We are not free-loaders unless you make us that way. Unless we depend on it because you couldn't pay me. We are your history book, bible illustrators, thought provokers, diary entries, room decorators, hotel lobby entrances, and main street square shockers. Are we worth it? Sure everyone is. One would pay for an lady of the night right? You'd have to or she bring her boss in the photo. Everything blows up and your life is a country song. Lost girl, lost truck and lost dog?
So back to our dying friend art: Poor thing, did we see it coming yes. did we try to do something - yeah sorta - not enough or we wouldn't be talking about this.
So, I say pay up or give up but I won't give up cause no one can put a price on my artistic journey. No one.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Working on quote from Andy Warhol

Working on quote from Andy Warhol

It’s a doozie. I think personally he was honest and thinking that a lot of artists don’t sell and at the end of the day they just want people to love them. It’s just that simple. And the only way they can achieve that is through giving it away. Which is sad because it’s not want we want, but some times it’s what we get in life that makes us stronger. So, I will continue dissect Warhol. That’s just my first thought of the day…

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Paintings for Blog

P3030045-85x111veniceP8290044_editedMilk Glass with Draping GrapesConfetti!andycakes
P7270042_edited-74x75[1]PC220066-56x75[1]Milk_Glass_with_Draping_Grapes-71x100[1]P3030025-75x100[1]Flowers in  Vasevenice number 3
peachy milk glassglass paintingcanter close updetail of ppphotodefoor sign
Painted Fruit - cropped - colored

Paintings for Blog, a set on Flickr.

Slideshow for new and older works

Friday, July 22, 2011



July 13, 2011

Contact: Jill Kettles



Prices go up this time: 200-400-600

Atlanta GA – The Defoor Centre gets ready for another Off
The Wall show – this time we are upping the prices to $200, $400 and $600 for
artists to sell at. The week long show starts on November 13, 2011 with
afternoon party and comes down Friday November 18th. This is a great
time to check out the local artists, see what’s been going on in their studios,
and maybe buy a unique gift this year for the Holidays. Various artists, whether it been on paper or
on metal or sculpture or pottery this is a great chance to see the goods of
city’s most creative people.

“Over the past five years, since the first show, we’ve
changed it up a bit but always staying in touch with the basics, good work at
unheard of prices. It’s important for the non-art crowds to see more than
what’s going on and not been in a festival mode this is a gallery show,”
explains art director Jill Kettles. It was played upon her time at New Visions
Gallery at the TULA art center in Buckhead that gave her idea to create her own
to carry on the legacy. As a large gallery the place is able to house a lot of
work and it shows it various set ups as each room is different in its wall

Many well known and well-liked artists have been a part of
this; Karina Keri-Matuszak who
was voted best emerging artist from Creative Loafing readers, in 2008. Longtime
veteran gallery and marketing guru Sharron Ragan, whimsical mixed media Mark
Collins, and cutting edge photographer Matthew White have all been there from
day one. This is what makes the sales good, they’ve all sold and they are a
continuing force to drive more artists to this show. Sometimes just being
around them gives you the inspiration to do more.

So come out with your artistic minds in hand and your check
book in tow to be prepared to buy some fabulous work, cause it will be gone
before you can blink.

About the Defoor Centre:

The Defoor Centre is located off Howell Mill Rd in Atlanta
in the reviving Westside neighborhood, where a lot of local vendors that cater
to the interior designers have been going to for years. The Centre has been a
growing facility hosting major fundraisers to corporate meetings to private
weddings all in house catering with a full bar. 100 years ago this place was a
hospital for the soldiers fighting at the Battle of Peachtree Creek and to this
day they are “still there.”

For more information on the Defoor: or
just come by Tues-Friday to get something to eat and browse – 1710 DeFoor Ave
Atlanta GA. On or search for the Defoor
Center ARTS group!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report - When Your Slip Is Showing

Brick Wall or Styrofoam?

So last week I got to talking about Andy Warhol and I stated that he must've been onto to something with his quote: and he was: there was more to it: "An artist is someone who produces things that people don't need to have - the part left out was: but that he - for some reason - thinks it would be a good idea to give them."

SO that's the question is good to give away or swap or just wait til it sells. SO now what did he mean. Do we give away when it's just been dusted? Do we give it away because it's your LEAST like piece? Or do you let them pick. Well see what kind of fire we can kick up...

I see what Andy is saying here as we have a need for validation of praise. Even if it's bad. We can take it. And sometimes there's times that I want - would INVITE folks to say I hate it or It's bad, or it sucks. I really would. Of course they'd have to MEAN IT. We need something to carry on we are humans even if we claim we don't. But is that important? It's such a brouhaha in our selves... such an inner fight.

So when someone says I don't really need your painting does that mean, I don't like it? Or does it mean they want it for free. Wel your time and materials are for free. And that's when the emotion needs to stop. It's not business. So, how do you do it?

This brings up the question of well if reverse the situation. Would they like to do something they do for free? I don't know like a surgery ... prolly not. So here's something I stumbleupon:

And I think it's a way to think outside of the box.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report - What He Said...

He being Andy Warhol:

An artist is somebody who produces things that people don't need to have. --- Andy Warhol

..... So what does he mean by this: I will be working on more a in-depth version go a little deeper than the subjective-ness of it. I feel that Andy was trying say that people aren't gonna buy unless they want to. It's not bread on the table or clothes on your back. It's quite simple yet actually can be involved. Does this mean Warhol was being snide to his fellow peers and colleagues - maybe he was like that alot - was he saying the truth and no one wanted to hear it? Or did they just brush it up as they didn't hear him. Maybe they rolled their eyes at him. BUT he was onto something.

Does this effect the artist? Sure it does.

So I will drop ideas and opinions that I get and research this further and keep you posted.
And another idea: in the near future: why do we create and why do we feel like our time is up at times. How does one get through it? Is it the process or the end result?

So, just some food for thought.

As for Faves - this past weekend I hit up the Bugers Market in Marietta - I've decided it's gonna be really hard for me to get up to the Marietta Square in time for the good stuff so I will go again, but it's gonna be really hard to do the 9AM thing. So, then Hubby and I went to the GA State Farmers Market. That was sad. I don't know if it's busier earlier in the day or if the summer is not good for it? I didn't see a GA Farm there. I saw a lot of Latin American stands but it was really empty and said. I feel bad for the state of GA has a lot to offer. Maybe I hit it on the wrong time of the year. My next market I want to go to is one in Powder Springs and one in East Point. They both look good.

Then we hit up Giovanni's again. This is the best italian restaurant by far and wide. It's off of the East-West Connector in Austell GA, a few miles from home and tad outta the way but WAY WORTH IT.

Then on Sunday I hit up the gym, the Wal-Mart and the Kroger - ALL neighbor faves but not locally owned. I was on the hunt for a staple gun DO YOU BELIEVE W-M didn't have one?

Amazing I know.

Fave book: ugh, still reading the Andy Warhol book still reading the PR book and NOW I wanna read Toelle book The Power of Now. I've been meaning to. THEN I wanna...

I have to add this: Fave APP: yeah the MOMA has a cool app they have audio tours and I have to say it's soooo cool. I haven't found another gallery or museum that matches them. SO tell me is there another one out there? I love it. Which leads me to another thing that I can't talk about right now. So...

Then my other new thing is Google+ - it's so cool to be apart of something that has potential to be so good. Cross my typing fingers. It's awfully quiet around there...

ARTISTS: OFF THE WALL IS COMING IN NOV 13 - so keep on the look out for stuff... flying around.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report - Decided to Splurge

Decided to Splurge: On a free album from Amazon-sometimes they are good and sometimes they aren't but this seems to be ok. It's singer/songwriter stuff so it's moody... maybe a good thing after such a crazy nutty weekend:
So, check out - they have freebies all the time...
Back to the studio: Worked on some paintings this weekend. I think my series of (muffled voice) will have to take a back seat for a while. Gotta work the kinks out, I got to thinking after getting very far on one - will this work? Does the story convey through it? Would any one GET IT? I dunno. This is the hard part of being an artist. I know it sounds horrible but I mean I thought WHO BUY IT? (sad I know) then I was questioned am I an artist or a craftsman? Well after a day or so of thinking of it, talking to myself and throwing a fit, I think I am both. Even though I've donated a few pieces over the years I've never considered me selling my work. I mean it's somewhere else, but I didn't get the money. I get that some will think I have but in the clear sense of selling art - I haven't. Am I wrong? Am I playing the part of a the cynical artist?
These are the questions at hand folks. I mean does it really matter? Hence my drinking problem. I mean really is this way so many artists are surly?
UGH - great and now what do I do with all these health mags?
Favorite - Time:
Didn't make it to the Farmers Market on the Square nor the DK Gallery to re-check out the work but I will. The Marietta Square is great but not on a holiday weekend... when everyone figures out that it's there and well they've finally made it once this summer.
Restaurant: mmmm... Brusters was good. Yeah a vanilla ice cream blast with cookie dough pieces - mmm yeah... too bad they can't do yogurt ones.
Store: hmmm didn't really go into any indy stores: does Hancock Fabrics work? I got a steal of a deal on canvas - to finally cover almost all but one of the stretchers that sweet Cindy Davis gave me! YAY! So little has been spent on prepping but so much on creating..
Product: I guess this again, was a non-indy type of weekend. Sigh.
Book: Still reading the PR book although I think I can say I'm done. I reading alot of the same stuff online. Andy Warhol's book is always a good read just to read something different than the paper.
Music: Mainly listened to classical while in the studio. So, pick and choose the brooding mind of sonatas and minuettes... or waltz... whatever you should want.
So now what. The best thing to do is keep painting what've been painting til I screw it up. I am not sure when this series will come about but I am sure something will. All I can do is keep drinking... water...