Friday, July 29, 2011

AW quote-It's all your fault....

An artist is someone who produces things that people don't need to have - the part left out was: but that he - for some reason - thinks it would be a good idea to give them."

I think it's a self esteem issue. If you haven't thought about it - art is a dying art form. We are in the middle of being washed away. Especially with music. But I will stick with visual art first.
First we (artists) are being asked to draw out our lives in caves then we have to carve out walls in Egypt and while in Rome we are building for the gods for their approval. During the days of Jesus we HAVE TO DRAW judgement day you know why not - it's complicated. THEN in England we are trying to apease the royalty with finally we get over to the states and we are squashed. What is it with you all (the public)? You all want song and dance and something pretty to look at but you want it for free? Hmmmm no.
Then after a few minutes of pondering. Ok sure fine we get a show a big round of clapping maybe a new home and hot chick. But we are still unhappy. GOSH we are miserable. Drunk, surly, talk to ourselves.... can't have a relationship with anyone because we are married to our work.
Are we married to our work? That's another question.I think we are married - and we want to happy but we can't because so much is being asked of ourselves. We try to be shocking, we get frowned upon we do traditional and we get "why did you do this?"
So back to the quote: Warhol meant something by this. He meant it in a plastic way (using his own language) but whenever you say something this profound even in a joking way you meant something by it.
I think he meant to say: We are not pawns. We are not free-loaders unless you make us that way. Unless we depend on it because you couldn't pay me. We are your history book, bible illustrators, thought provokers, diary entries, room decorators, hotel lobby entrances, and main street square shockers. Are we worth it? Sure everyone is. One would pay for an lady of the night right? You'd have to or she bring her boss in the photo. Everything blows up and your life is a country song. Lost girl, lost truck and lost dog?
So back to our dying friend art: Poor thing, did we see it coming yes. did we try to do something - yeah sorta - not enough or we wouldn't be talking about this.
So, I say pay up or give up but I won't give up cause no one can put a price on my artistic journey. No one.

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