Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report - Decided to Splurge

Decided to Splurge: On a free album from Amazon-sometimes they are good and sometimes they aren't but this seems to be ok. It's singer/songwriter stuff so it's moody... maybe a good thing after such a crazy nutty weekend:
So, check out - they have freebies all the time...
Back to the studio: Worked on some paintings this weekend. I think my series of (muffled voice) will have to take a back seat for a while. Gotta work the kinks out, I got to thinking after getting very far on one - will this work? Does the story convey through it? Would any one GET IT? I dunno. This is the hard part of being an artist. I know it sounds horrible but I mean I thought WHO BUY IT? (sad I know) then I was questioned am I an artist or a craftsman? Well after a day or so of thinking of it, talking to myself and throwing a fit, I think I am both. Even though I've donated a few pieces over the years I've never considered me selling my work. I mean it's somewhere else, but I didn't get the money. I get that some will think I have but in the clear sense of selling art - I haven't. Am I wrong? Am I playing the part of a the cynical artist?
These are the questions at hand folks. I mean does it really matter? Hence my drinking problem. I mean really is this way so many artists are surly?
UGH - great and now what do I do with all these health mags?
Favorite - Time:
Didn't make it to the Farmers Market on the Square nor the DK Gallery to re-check out the work but I will. The Marietta Square is great but not on a holiday weekend... when everyone figures out that it's there and well they've finally made it once this summer.
Restaurant: mmmm... Brusters was good. Yeah a vanilla ice cream blast with cookie dough pieces - mmm yeah... too bad they can't do yogurt ones.
Store: hmmm didn't really go into any indy stores: does Hancock Fabrics work? I got a steal of a deal on canvas - to finally cover almost all but one of the stretchers that sweet Cindy Davis gave me! YAY! So little has been spent on prepping but so much on creating..
Product: I guess this again, was a non-indy type of weekend. Sigh.
Book: Still reading the PR book although I think I can say I'm done. I reading alot of the same stuff online. Andy Warhol's book is always a good read just to read something different than the paper.
Music: Mainly listened to classical while in the studio. So, pick and choose the brooding mind of sonatas and minuettes... or waltz... whatever you should want.
So now what. The best thing to do is keep painting what've been painting til I screw it up. I am not sure when this series will come about but I am sure something will. All I can do is keep drinking... water...

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