Monday, June 27, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report 6-27-2011

The Weekly - Mini- Skirt 6/27/2011
What happened to this month? It was SLOW. And we still have about 4 days left - I think I know why - Huly is coming - it won't last long but it's a doozie. Huly is a joke between me and a client's manager. It started off a mistake in a email - so we went with it. A two week or three week period where everything is soupy, smoggy and well it folds into itself. So it's coming just wait - to compare it to anything it would fall under sometimes like Mardi Gras with out all the drinking and debauchery. Then July sets in, and we just tend to lay there. Too hot for words.
Ok - art is coming slow to me lately. Got a deadline of August to get a series up and on canvas. I don't wanna give it away so I sit with duct tape on my mouth. Again.
*muffled voice*
The Defoor Centre is open folks: go and get a good lunch, watch the art on the walls dance, and scare a ghost or two there. It's very easy - just look at the air and say boo.
This week's faves:
Marietta Farmer's Market: went up there - checked it out - it was good, ok and maybe I outta get up there earlier than 11AM - so far the Bibb Lettuce was great, the tomatoes -hmmm - I am a freak for good ones and they are ok.
But I got some lip balm from a local homemade maker - in GA - called Rinse - bath and body - products - everything smelled so good so I got some balm. It's 100% made with squalane and apricot kennel oils. I like it - with exception - it's very googey - I get nervous about how googey it is, incase it bleeds all over my purse. Then label is thin - the ink rubs right off - so I've had to be very careful in how I handled it so I could read off of it to tell you all. But the link to the site is:
So going to the Square was fun. I walked around went into the DK Gallery - they will have a folks art showing this week: Various ones... gotta go back. Went into some cute little stores - some bakers - and then opted out for pizza slices at the Marietta Pizza... hmmmm good stuff.
Then on our way home from dinner - we stopped by Giovannis' Italian Restaurant. He will be talked about soon in the paper in Marietta... so look out... YAY! He's got a great spread of food and it's so much better than the others. He's located off Austell Rd where the BJS was! He's on Facebook - just search it.
So, I've decided to re - read the Andy Warhol book - the PR book is good. Just boring. Will continue to read but not talk about. Let's see what seeps through of it and what doesn't.
Turntable Madness - the newly minted Trigger Hippy - featuring Audley Freed, Steve Gorman, Nick Govrik, Jackie Greene and Joan Osborne - if you knew the story behind it, you'd laugh. They are very much in the same vein as Todd Snider's song - Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues... check out... they are hard working people so I AM sure something will be recorded. oh and go to their Facebook page: it's quite fancy.
Song for the day: the link above - will do.
Now for the hard part - wrapping this up... tape - paper - box of air. Like the old days of working at Nordstorm - ready? GO-open box insert stuff- done- that was way too easy.

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