Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The Weekly Skirt Report

We have our sundresses on and we are ready for the show! The summer artists are up at the Defoor Centre for the Journeys show opening party for 6/19 from 2-4PM. This will be a great display of some of the area's best visual artists even one from Nashville! The work look awesome in the galleries so we are tickled pink. So come out after church, brunch or if you are on your way to somewhere.

Ike Stubblefield will be on hand to entertain us on the piano - he's a marvelous player....

No eating places this time... sorr-eeeee....

My cool local find: PLATO'S CLOSET - a slighty used consignment shop. WOW - we just happened to be browsing around Goodwill's for frames and I looked over and saw the sign. I really have been wanting to go in one of these. SO, I bought some really cool shoes - see photo. They are a purple - a great patent shiny shoe w a gold heel - so cool. They are slightly small but leather stretches in my book. Guess how much I paid for them: $10. Yeah I rock bargains.
There are several locations and I went to the one in Alpharetta. So, go and take a look around. Doesn't matter how old you are.

Fave Local DJ - WRFG - Good Morning Blues - in Atlanta: Doug *BlackJack* Ketchum. He's awesome - thanks!


Still reading the dang book on PR but I am totally learning... *focus on audience*

Watching Treme on HBO. Best series behind The Sopranos, The Atlantic City mob one and Weeds. Yeah...

Music: nothing really... a lot of various tunes that move me...(sad I know)

SO you know what to do, go to the Defoor Centre on Sunday 2-4PM - and that's all I am saying...

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