Monday, June 6, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report 6/6/2011

The Weekly Skirt Report

So I am early...I've got a few things that I NEED TO SHARE... As my pal, Deb from San Fran would say, "I wanna share!"

Ok - The only finger wagging I am doing this week is - Come to the Journey's show at the Defoor Centre on 6/19 from 2-4PM - if you are in the Atlanta area. End of begging.

I am in the middle of a period in the year - where I have to figure it out for next at the gallery. So, here I go - I need a few good artists, man or woman, to fill up a HUGE gallery room - The Forum - will need 75 to 100 paintings. It all depends on their sizes. I need big, bold, colors, nothing sexual, violent or political.
So if you are interested and you think you've got what it takes... email me here.

FAVES for the weekend:
hmmmmm went to BURGERS MARKET - in Marietta - off of Canton Rd. - BEST TOMATOES EVER. So I got those, peaches, broccoli, cukes, and NE HI grape soda... Father in Law used to have it in his sweet tea, thought, well let's try it. LO and Behold. It worked. I saw a basket and I thought that would make a GREAT Lampshade... must go back.

I might sound like Martha Stewart for the moment but I only mean well:
Following recipes were tested this weekend:

From Country Living June Issue: Two of them actually
Corn on the Grill - I did the BBQ corn under the broiler...
Squash on the Half Shell - this was easy. You don't have to use the Ricotta cheese you can use feta.

And from June's Issue of Whole Living - Cherries on Toast - I used Melba Toast - cut calories WAY DOWN

Oh they were yummy...

Went to Pappadeaux's on Sat PM: oh it was BUSY... I guess the TV show Treme is bringing the New Orleans cusine up a notch. I got the Shrimp Ettouffe... it was YUMMY... and some Reisling Wine...I died. I wanted to take home a dessert but it was too late I was puffed.

THEN I made Peach Ice Cream cause last week's landed on the kitchen floor... so I pureed the fruit instead... wise idea...

Ok I had bought a dress last February at a 2nd Hand store, it was Sea Foam Green. I want to wear it on June 19th.... well I've been channeling my inner Molly Ringwald circa Pretty in Pink. So I've dyed the dress Black. Well turns out that RIT dye don't work on poly-ester. SO, went to Joann's - and they suggested to spray it. So I got 2 cans of Simply Spray. So far so good. Probably need 2 more cans. But man I never thought about it. See photos above... (looks eerie huh?)

So cross your fingers that it all goes black.

Now for Turntable mania: Got off of my Rolling Stones kick. So now I started to listen to The Jayhawks this morning but got interrupted by friend calling. So, we will go with that... Any cd, any song... any time - that's the kind of band they were.

Dog Ears: yeah I know still on the dang PR book BUT I've been reading a lot of

So what do know: One: Burger's has the BEST tomatoes - two: peach ice cream is better in the bowl than on the floor and three: clementine and carrot juice rules.
Have a good one!!

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