Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hey there Folks, did you get your hems right? Zippers are mo-fos right?

Well my tip for the day is: Communicate - I don't care if you are touted the GREAT Communicator - you've run into situations where they just don't listen or think.
I've been known to skip it but there are times as artists that we need to slow down and think before we run off and do something. As a publicist and an art director at a gallery there are times when one just has to throw hands up and say oh well.
When you don't communicate - then you are making assumptions.
Consider this: 1-Ask - what could we say no? or we could say yes. It all depends. 2-asking helps me know that I am doing my job - whether right or wrong. I am needed. I am not just an ornament.
The funny thing is nowadays - our society isn't thinking we are doing. SO I beg you to think, before you act, speak and just ask.

LOCAL PICKS: Restaurant - THE VARSITY - yeah the greasiest spot in Atlanta. I had a BLT - their tomatoes were great! I love a place where the tomatoes are ripe and perfect. No green things. If I wanted green I would've ordered green right?

Local store: hmmm didn't go into any this weekend. OH WAIT I DID. oh that's a restaurant. We went to Fellini's Pizza on Howell Mill Rd. Got their fabu salad which just their pizza toppings on lettuce but their salad dressing... I have no clue what it is. I LOVE IT.

I went to the gallery this weekend twice. I traded a wonderful piece with former local artist, Alicia Araya who does this really interesting technique called a EnviroTek bath. Which takes paints, crayons, chalks, etc and changes their colors, and it seals like glass. So I've hung in my bedroom... it's so romantic. It's called House Note...there's a slight glare on it but it was hard not to get one. So thanks Alicia. Hope you like your roses.

Turntable: Been listening to ALOT of Stones, The Rolling Stones. So, anything by them right now.

Book: UGH the same on. I am a SLOW reader... so give me a break.

On the Boob Tube: hmmm we watched 5 epis of Treme. Love it - especially when the chef throws a drink on the food critic... What a rebel.

So what's the old saying,make like a prom dress and take off?


  1. Thanks for your shout-out. Alicia Araya is my daughter, but she's also a wonderful artist, and I'm glad you enjoyed her stuff.

  2. cool! I love the roses! I was thinking of asking you for more to put up in my new gallery space in North Carolina! :D When I am less slug-like about photos I will take one tout suite