Monday, May 16, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report: May 16 2011

It's the pleated truth folks...
I will start off with some serious stuff first:

Recently I was asked to write a reference letter for a friend of mine. I was honored for she is a truly good jewler. I feel like when writing an open letter to anyone receiving it I tend to think like a CD music reviewer in how I approach it. It's hard to figure what to say but I will give you three tips:
1-intro to create a visual of that person - if they are a musician - try to create a setting of where you would find them or how it sounds...
2-where you met-online, working together, thru a friend..etc
3-why you should pay attention - what makes them so special and stand out. Try to use actual facts to back up your love..
Then round up with I hope you see this in them too...
If you wear many hats, put the best one on as you sign off, with what kind of position you are to say who that person you wrote about is - What makes you the right person to talk about them.
Easy Peasy!

Local Yo-cals:

Local Eats: None but the bakery next door to the shoe repair shop on Terrell Mill Rd in Marietta looks really good. Might have to stop and get something there...

Local Shoe Repair: Terrell Mill Rd Shoe Repair Shop - AWESOME work. If you have shoes that need to be fixed, freshen-up or polished, go there... I got three pairs of heels, done for $30 - now I am not walking on nails. Shoe repair is a dying art... so to keep it going, go to your nearest specialized shoe repair man... they will love you for it.

TURN THE BEAT AROUND: I've been listening to old stuff lately. So my new-ish CD is Beth Hart my California and the Crowelogy from The Black Crowes.

DOG EARS - The Same book from last week, but I am finding out alot about what to do...

ON THE BOOB TUBE: HOUSE OF course...watched the Steven Tyler interview on E! w Matt Laur and I found him to be honest and clear-minded and I am glad that he is all comfy in his skin. He's fought alot and lived alot so he deserves happiness... Joe will just have to get over his bad self right?

Song of the Day: Found Another - Danielia Cotton - go to her site and listen. I must be the one racking them up...

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