Friday, March 19, 2010


Translated Landscapes
Shorter College Professor and His Paintings Up Starting March 21st

Atlanta GA- Spring has sprung at the DeFoor Centre with Brian Taylor’s abstracts of color, form and texture that spring from nature. His work will be up from March 21st to April 30th. This will be brief but a solid collection of what this wonderful artist has been up to.
Brian is the Chair of the Art Department at Shorter College in Rome GA as well as he teaching, speaking and finds time in exhibiting around the world. A graduate of University of Memphis he has believed in the basics of painting; light, color and form. His own works evolves from nature and how it moves, develops and almost sings with such titles of paintings, “Clearing Through the Wisteria” or “The Wind and Light within a Hayfield” bring many other images to the viewer, perhaps literary. Taylor states: "I believe that writers become writers when reading is not enough and artists become artists when observing is not enough.”
“He suggests that the lack of defined edges in his work is the purposeful strangeness necessary to distance oneself and to be intimate at the same time, keeping "the edges between the real and unreal blurred." It is by letting go of a learned sense of being in control that we can reach higher planes of understanding in relation to both nature and art. “- taken from his artist statement Translated Landscapes, written by Denise Carvalho
So come out for a salad, soup or a cocktail at the DeFoor Centre and check out Brian Taylor’s beautiful work. This might give you some inspiration to lead to your next function.
The DeFoor Centre is a unique facility that combines fine art as the focused d├ęcor and in each room it’s a different style and taste that creates a mood within these old historical walls. Located on 1710 DeFoor Ave, conveniently off of I-75 it’s in the middle of Atlanta’s Howell Mill/Westside district.
The center’s hours are Monday through Friday 10:00AM to 5PM with the weekends based on availability and through appointments. You can read more at and on their Facebook page filled with more photos and videos: Defoor's Facebook page