Sunday, October 30, 2011

$200 $400 $600
NOVEMBER 13 2011

ATLANTA GA – Defoor Centre is ready to up the ante up Off The Wall this year and raise the prices! Over the past five years, this show has grown and has been a focal point for both artists and buyers, this year the prices will be set at $200, $400 and $600 for the week long show. Starting on Sunday, November 13, 2011 from 2-4PM with a cash bar and refreshments and ending on Friday 18th.  

Buyers can choose from all levels of technique and various mediums, from drawings to sculpture jewelry to paintings – traditional imagery to the abstract. So priced at these rock bottom prices you will get the deal of the year and you will be supporting the local arts.

Off The Wall was revisited in 2007 from art director, Jill Kettle’s days as an intern at New Visions Gallery in Buckhead where it was a highlighted event. Bringing it back, gave local artists, a chance to show and sell and meet with others for a sense of community. Many Off The Wall artists are picked for shows at the Defoor Centre and other local galleries as well as buyers that became fans and friends. “Not only is this an art show but it’s a time to come together as one, share thoughts, views and laughs”, says Kettles. Trying to put on this show takes the whole year, gathering up artists, talking to the media to the actual installation.


The Defoor Centre is located off Howell Mill Rd in Atlanta in the reviving Westside neighborhood, where a lot of local vendors that cater to the interior designers have been going to for years. The Centre has been a growing facility hosting major fundraisers to corporate meetings to private weddings all in house catering with a full bar. 100 years ago this place was a hospital for the soldiers fighting at the Battle of Peachtree Creek and to this day they are “still there.”

For more information, please contact Jill Kettles at and or on Facebook – Defoor Centre Arts - Facebook - Defoor Centre Arts and @scribblesstudio on Twitter. For more on the Defoor: