Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Throwing Plates Against The Wall...

Tonight a week ago was the last night my husband was alive. He wanted burgers over tacos and some cheesecake.
Typical cravings.
He was having a hard time relaxing that night so he kept the tv on and took a shower
Typical routine.
I got frustrated with all this and pulled the covers over my head to sleep.
Typical reaction.
He finally laid down, turned off his light and left the TV on
Typical give in.
I didn't wake up til late; made that decision two times until Ferdinand jumped on the bed
Typical feline action.
I saw he was sleeping. Good deal.
Typical reaction to a late night of restlessness.
I came down, put the coffee on, fed the cats and began to work.
Typical morning.
One time went up to get something, check on him - sleeping like a baby
Typical mid-morning.
Got back to some work and went up to see what he'd want to eat.
Typical 12:10PM
After that it wasn't typical at all.
All hell broke loose, men in cars came, cats ran in the other room under the shoe rack in the closet.
Called sister and my mom, called my client to remind him of interview and told another friend
who called another one, they called, he called - then the pens and paper were pulled out - officer this, EMT that, detective who? and the ME - who what where when how... all answered but why.
Medical Examiner said he was gone. He had been gone.
50. Too Young. On the mend from a coma, he was happy; we were happy.
This was a flurry that no one wanted. This was a storm no one wanted to hunkered down for. The umbrella? It was in the car. We didn't even have any batteries or back up plan. All we had was a new beginning and a fresh start.
Time was on our side.
We had plans.
We were going places. Memphis, Daytona and anywhere else.

Someone said it's funny how we watch the movies and they get results of a death in five mins, Dr House could solve it in one hour, and MASH took the whole war. I have to wait almost 3 months.
According to the Buddhist religion a deceased take about 100 days to travel around saying good bye and coming to terms with their transition. This is about the same time I will find out what took him.

Until then, I'm angry, sad, lonely, frustrated, pissed off ... I kiss your ashes in the box but I stick out with my tongue cause I am mad. I am furious with you so you better have a good excuse for this.

I love you Steed.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Jubilee Riots Trying Times video

Jubilee Riots - Trying Times
Penny Black 
Artist: Steve Smith 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lucky for him, I am the best mean nurse in town.

This sick bug is about deadly.

All it took was about a month and a half in two hospitals, bottles of milk of amnesia (propofal), every antibiotic known to man and a tracheotomy. A central line, a picc line, a pee line and a food peg line. Every kind of test you could get on a human body. Oh a tiny weeny heart attack.

To find out he had pnuemonia.

He didn't know he was in some Lewis Carroll dream.

So I folded up like a pretzel in a chair in the ICU units to cat nap, working for sometimes 18 hours a day, walking from one end to another of the hospital. I texted his sister every time he moved. Held calls in the ICU halls, set up interviews in elevators and argued with future clients in Waffle House parking lots. None of my clients knew, for they were my sanity. Not many of my friends knew. I know I probably am making some of you mad, but I had to keep it close.

Hubby didn't wanna go anywhere that day. He didn't want to spend New Year's Eve at Kaiser's urgent care so we waited til Jan 1 still fought me on it. Finally he began look ashen and I said we're going. Last thing I told him was I love you.

He had to go Kennestone - the few minutes extra to KP approved Northside would've killed him.
The last thing the Kaiser doctor said was he's septic.
They sealed off his room for 5 days in case he was contagious. Just in case.
I went in anyways. I am a rebel you know.
The first thing the ICU nurse said, was he will be fine.
I knew how to read all the screens of all 15 machines in his room.

He didn't know he was in some Lewis Carroll dream.

The first and last thing I told him each time I saw him was I love you.
He had every machine in the room with him, a cooling blanket, boxing gloves to keep from pulling the cords out, he was a House episode, he was in MASH, he was in Dr Jane Medicine Woman, he was Robin Williams in Patches.

All roads lead to Rome right? MacLand to Hardy Parkway to Smith to 101 to Kindred in Rome, GA. They got him off the trachea and his lungs got better after just 10 days. Drove 100 miles a day.

But he was gonna be fine. So was I.

I sang to Mariah Carey's O Holy Night about every day for a month after Christmas.
When little things happened to him I listened to Joy to the World.
I turned off the TV for over a month. I read the news on Twitter.

He thought that Jan 15 was really Jan 3 - see he was in a medically induced coma for 15 days dreaming about Alice In Wonderland. Propofal is a wonder drug - for it makes you forget everything but dream about anything.

Nest time you feel like you have the flu, you probably don't, you probably have bi-lateral pneumonia with a staph infection.

Lucky for him, I am the best mean nurse in town.

Friday, November 21, 2014

dawlin... you are in Nawlins...

Nawlins as the natives say. NOLA as those who have been there. Some call it the Crescent City. Some just know it as Mardi Gras others know it for Jazz Festival. Whatever you call it, Cyril and others call it home.
New Orleans, is a magical place, there's no doubt about that.
It's had its share of rough patches that somehow it gets blurred over by all the goodness coming out. It gets all teary eyed for about five minutes when you have a funeral but when you see a parade come down the street you dance. You dance for that person's life - the good - the bad. Who wants to mope all the way to heavan right? You gotta dance through those gates!!
People come to NOLA and don't realize the richness of the city, they see it as Disney world.
Pull back the curtain...
There's no other city right now, that sounds the same as it did 10 years ago, 20 years ago or even 100 years ago as NOLA sounds today. There is a perservation to the city it's not in the hall club in the French Quarter, it's in the people that carry the legacy on. They LOVE it. They are married to it. It's in the water, the air and what comes out of them is fire.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Devon predicted to Billboard, “…this one's going to be really heavy on guitar and come out and punch you in the teeth."


Atlanta, GA – Ruf Recording artist, Devon Allman, gets ready to wow fans and critics with his latest solo effort, Ragged & Dirty, which is set for release on October 14th on the award winning label. Produced by Tom Hambridge, a Grammy winner, at Joyride Studios in Chicago, this CD is quickly becoming a game changer for Devon. The young Allman continues the legacy of the family name with his music by melting blues, rock, soul and various other genres. With this release, he anchors himself even deeper in that rich musical soil.

Devon Allman is offering music you'll want to crank up and share.” - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Over the next few weeks there will be a few surprises coming up to grab the fans’ attention. So, stay tuned and watch his social media sites and official website to find out. (See the links at the end of the release)

Starting in October, Devon finds himself, on the cover the Allegro’s trade magazine as a featured artist. This magazine goes out to all the retail stores to get them excited about the upcoming release. Allegro Media Group is the distribution company for Ruf Records.  

The album was produced by Tom Hambridge, a Grammy winner and well-known musician himself, (Buddy Guy and George Thorogood), Hambridge gathered up local Chicago musicians, to get a sound that would fit Devon’s rich voice. Hambridge also wrote and co-wrote three songs for the album, in which Devon states, “Tom custom wrote some songs for this record that really aligned with my path.”

There are electrifying blasters, thoughtful acoustic songs and head-nodding country-rock tunes covering all topics: love, hate, loss and gain that carry an insight for the listener as the next song queues up. The grit in his voice and the emotional touch of his guitar work that Hambridge was able to bring out in him, was elating for Devon, stating back in May, "this is one of the most profound experiences of my life." 

As a member of Royal Southern Brotherhood, he thanks his experiences with them for expanding his musical ear, “RSB has been such a deep, rich, globe-trotting experience that it definitely changes your life and gives you new perspective. Anytime you’re involved in something to that degree, it will show up in your art. I think the experience has given me more depth as a writer. I’m more willing to let the groove take over and not force things vocally.”

With the start of every artist’s campaign, there’s always something that is exciting and worth shouting about. Devon has always been a media favorite. His charm is what makes people gravitate to him. He’s easy to talk to, listens intently to the interviewer and always gives a good response. Sometimes he will include a humorous tale that has occurred over his long career.

So let the quotes roll in, from around the world:

“…this is a really super release which deserves to cast its own shadow.” B’mans Blues Report

---“he's one of the best blues rock singers out there and his guitar work is outstanding - melodic and expressive” from Blues Debut

 “…and somebody who covers an Otis Taylor song does in any case everything right” Good Times (a German publication)

“…they (the songs) show more details and profoundness with every time you listen to it.” Classic Rock Mag, (a German publication)

“The way things are going, in time Devon won't be billed as Gregg Allman's son, but rather Gregg will become known as Devon Allman's dad.” Seattle Post-Intelligencer

If you are interested in an interview or just need more information: contact Jill Kettles at Miss Jill PR – via telephone - 404-213-8542 or email: Jill@missjillpr.com or visit www.missjillpr.com

Devon and his band will be supporting “Ragged & Dirty” with the following dates:

11/6      SIOUX CITY, IA                      HARD ROCK HOTEL AND CASINO  
11/8      ST. LOUIS, MO                       THE GRAMOPHONE  
11/11    MACON GA                            DOUGLASS THEATRE          
11/13    SEMINOLE, FL                        SCREWIE LOUIE’S    
11/14    BOCA RATON, FL                  FUNKY BISCUIT        
11/15    MIAMI, FL                              TOBACCO RD
11/16 - 11/20 MIAMI, FL                      THE SIMPLE MAN CRUISE   
11/21    BRADENTON, FL                    ACES LIVE     
11/22    SARASOTA, FL                       THE BLUE ROOSTER

So get on the band wagon, by following all things Devon at the sites below:

Twitter @devonallman
Instagram: DevonAllman

Friday, September 12, 2014

I wanted a better lunch menu so I quit.

I'm writing this about a near future past, one that I will never forget and always love.

I left a job after 18 years.

I left a boss that was kind, fun, fair and loved music.
I had good times, hair pulling out days and sometimes late nights but mostly long commuting which I get back now. Three hours worth at least which doesn't include when nothing was going on, but something made it all go cattywampus.
I got that word, cattywampus from Johnny Whiteside in LA.
Best voice mail: tie between Johnny Whiteside and George Varga - we called back so many times trying to figure out the song on his VM; we probably looked like stalkers. The goal was if we guessed it right, he'd call back.
I wore tee shirts, dresses, sandals, overalls, jeans, glasses, heels, sweaters and as of late, a tutu.
I got hollered at by my grandmother for not wearing make up to work.
We've had the same desks since 1996.
We have piles of files. And everything stays put.
We spied on Richard Jewel's lawyer's office which was across the street from the old office.
I answered the phone faster than Sarah would. (Andy Griffith)
I could out multi-task anyone.
I called it shelving airplanes. Ask an air traffic controller and watch them yawn.
I misspelled, I would forget to attach photos or some cases, send them to someone who still had dial up and get yelled at... damn Yankee.
I was my own co-worker.
I could pull a miracle of sorts out anytime, any day for anything and every time.
I told some; "don't give me that." they said "ok" back.
I worked for a legend, a story teller, a music lover and a non technical genius. I taught him everything he knows and I learned everything he knew.
I could roll my eyes with a straight face. He could glare with a smile on his.
We had an understanding that we wouldn't talk to each other for hours.
He had a steel trap mind and mine was trapped.
I have heard every story from Capricorn Records twice.
I've seen photos of ZZ Top back when they were a blues band.
I've seen a photo of Gregg Allman and Willie Dixon next to each other.
I've heard the Jimi Hendrix story.... have you?
I have seen every photo and the story behind it at least once.
One time, John Mayall called my home and my father in law, some man with an English accent wants to talk to you.
I've peeled off artists off the ceiling, the floor and got them to see the light.
Christmas season meant going through all 300 tapes/cd/albums at once. I've heard Tom Waits sing "Silent Night" it could raise the dead. I just pretended I was working at the mall.
I could spot a newspaper stand at the beach a mile away. In the middle of the ocean.
I couldn't go anywhere without a call about something. Which meant I had a secure job, right?
I held the office together while he was sick and every time I had a cold.
I never called in sick.
Nothing fazes me. I've heard it all. Every excuse in the book. You can't fool me.
We stopped giving each other birthday cards... which is fine. I hate getting old. And I think he does too.
I've gone through 3 sets of dogs: Scarlet and Beau, Django and Sonny Boy and now Deano and Tony.
He's gone through a dog, one old cat and now Ferdinand and Isabella. They know their way to the office. They could walk to it.
We've had our share of funerals, no weddings and a baby or two. Not us, them.
The winter of 2010 was bad or was it the tornado of 1998? Or the heat of 2006? Oh it was the water drought a few years back - couldn't do nothing. All of his flowers died.
I screwed up a lot. I still screw up. I will always screw up.
He got mad, I got angry. Not at each other but at the computer.
I can't remember past yesterday and he can't remember much past tomorrow. But ask him who opened for who in 1977 and he will tell you the seat, the set list and that he still has the tee shirt.
My marching band camp stories from high school couldn't hold a candle to his tall tales And I was the one that opened up for Chuck Berry.
Did I complain? Sure. Did I cry at my desk? OH YEAH. What do you think I'm doing now? (oh wait this is in the future... dang it)
I would tell him the news, sometimes grim sometimes happy. I felt like Diane Sawyer.
He always said thank you at the end of the day.
Things happened, nothing was guaranteed.
I have had 25 different people going in 25 different directions.
I've hung out back stage, back alleys, on the side of the stage, in the front, by the bar...etc.
I left the best phone messages to a few press folk. I bet they can recall.. .I said I love you in the end. That was meant for my husband whom I had probably just talked to or was answering an email. I told you I could out multi-task anyone.
I Google everything and he still uses the Atlas.

Best of and Maybe if's: I might be missing some here:

The BEST phone greeting goes to William Bell. Hands. Down.
Most polite greeting goes to: Johnny Sandlin.
Kim Wilson. That is all.
Chip Taylor. That is all.
The best interview schedule goes to Dave Alvin - who on one day did SEVEN interviews for me - he wasn't happy with me after that.
Best phone fight: I will leave that alone. Yes we all head butted but it was always for the good.
Cool dude:Joe Ely. (well it was all because of the Clash)
The Laugh-a-rama Trophy goes to Billy C Wirtz
Best photos go to Black Top Records, only because they had cool cars
Longest running contact at a label goes to Peter at Stony Plain Records
Client who almost had to stop show because of hecklers but husband kicked them out instead: Chris Smither at Blind Willies
Loudest show: Big Bad Smitty at Blind Willies
Most unique band name: Dave's True Story
Most imitated voice: Larry Sloven at Hightone Records
I worked with many legendary luminaries: Al Kooper was my fave. Truly was a hoot.
I have actually talked to David Fricke.
Charlie (the door man) at the Star Bar
I have been told to stop calling all the time. So I whispered over the phone, so they couldn't hear: Stop ignoring me all the time.
Worst news in the AM delivered: Robert Palmer died.
Best news in the AM delivered: Jame Armstrong was attacked and will live to tell about it.
Most fun client. ALL OF YOU
Watching Derek Trucks grow up.
Going to Sean Costello's wake. That, my friend, was hard.
Best pick up line used on me: at the Olympic Park by Rufus Thomas he said something to me and then Andrew Mitchell's grandson proposed to me.
Watching the crowd at the Olympic Park from the stage. It was amazing to see so many folks crowd into one small space.
Client with the best breaks: tie between Randall Bramblett and Ike Stubblefield
Client with the best hair: Johnny A
Buddy Miller. Julie Miller.
Giggler of all Time: Bonnie Bramlett.
Best Double Take: Jimmie Dale Gilmore in The Big Leibowski.(psst! he was Smokey)
Craziest tour dates - probably Big Sandy and his Fly Rite Boys or Slobberbone or some one else... they all were.
Chuck Prophet's story about Alex Chilton blew all of ours out the window. It was too humbling.
Reverend Horton Heat was fun to work with.
So was Tom Russell. So was Ramblin Jack Elliott. So was Greg Brown.
Trying to call Greg Brown where American Gothic was created was fun. Find the barn on the map.
Best Dead Client - Roy Orbison. (he never complained)
Coolest name: Chips Moman.
Twice I had to call Jerry Reed to see if he was dead. (he laughed both times)
I saw a 7 year old Diana DeGarmo sing in Augusta GA - sang "CRAZY" and she was that good then.
The longest time between CDs goes to Geoff Muldaur - 19 years.
After that record, the Flatlanders beat him by about a decade
Coolest call ever that called in: Robert Palmer or Yoko Ono's assistant; still I was unfazed.
I was the IT girl, the mail room chick, the phone answer-er, tour publicist, office liar and a life saver.
When I felt like a Yorkshire Terrier in the first world war: Devon Allman did an Australian travel blog with Relix.com and I would wait on him at 6AM my time which was later that night in the near future for him to get the files on my phone, turn around and send them to Relix editor, wait for him to post then email it out all who's involved then wait for Devon to be done with sound check and do it all over again. Amazing what an iPhone can do.
I lived on two time zones, at least three cities at one time for about 7 days. Living in the future is great; I tell you.
OH and during that time I was working with Eric Bibb who was in Finland.
I had five world clocks on my phone. I had no clue what time it was in Atlanta.
Always smile on the phone.
Be funny. Works all the time.
Never second guess anyone, always double check yourself.
Show biz is part crazy, half nuts and always there when you need it.
I learned never be afraid to call anyone.
Call til they call back.
Nobody is easy to work with. Everyone else is crazy we're just half way nuts.
All personal assistants are the best. We can handle anything. Just not ourselves.

Life was lived and learned here. Work was important but it all rolled into one. I will carry all this into my next journey... just you wait....