Monday, August 4, 2014

Fred: "Say What?" Kate: "Tiiiiiinnnn ROOF! Rusted...."

Where is the art in music, has it shifted? Gone away or we just so white washed we think it's all good.
Well, have no fear, the B-52s are here and we are gonna hmmmm figure how and what happened.

Art in music probably means, "substance in the song" or "depths of vision in the lyrics" or "where's the element of blow your mind"

WELLLL I hate to say this but it's still there. I know it sounds bad but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Always will be and will never go away. As we get older we yearn for the tunes that got our mojo working, our heads turning to see who Maybellene is or riding around in a Pink Cadillac, it's true it's called aging. We get jaded, bored and all we hear is a din of noise.

I could name a handful of musical artists, that probably only ONE will ever come around.

Robert Johnson
Chuck Berry
Garth Brooks
Hank Williams
Issac Hayes - not just for his Shaft music but for all the Stax work he did
James Brown
Michael Jackson
Diana Ross
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Cyndi Lauper
The Ramones
George Jones
John Lennon
Paul McCartney....

These are what I call table turners, first runs (think of books), one and only-s and sadly everyone else after them are playing copy cat or catching up or hopefully: reinvent it all to continue the tradition of blowing minds.

The left field effect. "Where did that come from?"  They were genius, purists and maybe even scientists where they had to take a musical equation and flip it around to make something new. So who are these people in today's world of music? They are there. What is missing is the simple motion of putting on music in your ears, home or car with your friends and devouring it.

So maybe the next CD release party you go to is one of those. Just sitting around listening with a bunch of your friends. Nothing but the tunes, the songs, the odes and the anthems. No fast cars, cute boys and pretty girls. Just a bottle of something to make it a good time.

Art is always around. We've just been looking at it from the wrong angle. You know stand ten feet back? Cause when you listen, you hear more and when you hear, you see more... it's just a musical illusion of the science of mind blowing.