Monday, July 11, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report - What He Said...

He being Andy Warhol:

An artist is somebody who produces things that people don't need to have. --- Andy Warhol

..... So what does he mean by this: I will be working on more a in-depth version go a little deeper than the subjective-ness of it. I feel that Andy was trying say that people aren't gonna buy unless they want to. It's not bread on the table or clothes on your back. It's quite simple yet actually can be involved. Does this mean Warhol was being snide to his fellow peers and colleagues - maybe he was like that alot - was he saying the truth and no one wanted to hear it? Or did they just brush it up as they didn't hear him. Maybe they rolled their eyes at him. BUT he was onto something.

Does this effect the artist? Sure it does.

So I will drop ideas and opinions that I get and research this further and keep you posted.
And another idea: in the near future: why do we create and why do we feel like our time is up at times. How does one get through it? Is it the process or the end result?

So, just some food for thought.

As for Faves - this past weekend I hit up the Bugers Market in Marietta - I've decided it's gonna be really hard for me to get up to the Marietta Square in time for the good stuff so I will go again, but it's gonna be really hard to do the 9AM thing. So, then Hubby and I went to the GA State Farmers Market. That was sad. I don't know if it's busier earlier in the day or if the summer is not good for it? I didn't see a GA Farm there. I saw a lot of Latin American stands but it was really empty and said. I feel bad for the state of GA has a lot to offer. Maybe I hit it on the wrong time of the year. My next market I want to go to is one in Powder Springs and one in East Point. They both look good.

Then we hit up Giovanni's again. This is the best italian restaurant by far and wide. It's off of the East-West Connector in Austell GA, a few miles from home and tad outta the way but WAY WORTH IT.

Then on Sunday I hit up the gym, the Wal-Mart and the Kroger - ALL neighbor faves but not locally owned. I was on the hunt for a staple gun DO YOU BELIEVE W-M didn't have one?

Amazing I know.

Fave book: ugh, still reading the Andy Warhol book still reading the PR book and NOW I wanna read Toelle book The Power of Now. I've been meaning to. THEN I wanna...

I have to add this: Fave APP: yeah the MOMA has a cool app they have audio tours and I have to say it's soooo cool. I haven't found another gallery or museum that matches them. SO tell me is there another one out there? I love it. Which leads me to another thing that I can't talk about right now. So...

Then my other new thing is Google+ - it's so cool to be apart of something that has potential to be so good. Cross my typing fingers. It's awfully quiet around there...

ARTISTS: OFF THE WALL IS COMING IN NOV 13 - so keep on the look out for stuff... flying around.

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