Monday, February 2, 2009


Week two... going well so far. I have my links here... Dee creates lavish suds and wonderful lotions and other potions for your body. These will keep you in the tub longer and your skin feeling like a baby's butt!'s shop is filled with her paintings on copper. These works shine and glisten as the paint tames the bright surface. She has an Ebay store as well. - recently came across this, and it's a blog about all woman artists all over the world.. very unique...


The NOW WHAT Workshop: went over so well! If you missed it, we are putting another one in the summer. So, keep in tune... "A is a good country key." (The Blues Brothers -the first one)

Got prints ready to go on Andycakes as you can see.


OFF THE WALL: 1-2-3: As you can see, I have posted the OFW announcement for this year. I really want this to be a big hit...the first year I didn't reach my goal of artists, last year, I didn't either-even though I thought, I I WILL NOT GIVE UP! That's why I am doing it this way... So pass this around to your fellow artists and tell them THAT THEY HAVE TO DO IT...

THE RITES OF SPRING: DEFOOR CENTRE- Opening March 19 (show duration: til April 30): Featuring Durand Seay, Christina Lorraine, Doug Smith, Lori Haley, and Britney Compton-all amazing artists, working with various mediums. This will be more than an opening, this will be an event...with more surprises along the way.

Other shows to look forward to: The Girly Whirly Twirly Show in June - The XY Show in August - Jesse Hamrick in November... again stay in tune.

OVERHEARD AT THE DEFOOR- ATLANTA GHOST HUNTERS - went on Atlanta's Q100 Bert Show and reported back with three diembodied voices. So, go to my site: so on the front page- you will find the two mp3s - WHOA!

Song for the week: you can view a great video on to see her talking about her encounter with Paris Hilton-it's HILARIOUS~

Sharleen Spiteri (lead singer of TEXAS) - All The Times I Cried...

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