Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am going strong huh... Well, this week was crazy but we are almost at the end. This week is the RITES OF SPRING on Thursday March 19th at 7:30PM. So if you are in the ATL area, come out! We need you!

Favorite Links: - this Michelle who is a local ATLANTA knitter and fellow etsy-er. Her work is colorful and well done! Check it out for your headbands, and spring scarves! is another quirky illustrator who uses humor, a sweet character named Tiffany and her adventures! interesting place, i will have to check more out! just stumbled upon it. Looks like a coold place. Huh.

Come to the Defoor Centre on March 19 at 7:30PM! Durand, Christina, Britney, Doug, Lori all there! It will be so cool!

Favorite Song of the Day- hmmmm I am listening to alot right now. So let's pull one out of the box here: Fall to Pieces.. yeah, my inner Aqua Net girl is oozing out. Yeah I swear that's as far as I will go... scouts honor.

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