Sunday, March 29, 2009


SDA: Surface Design Assoc- Defoor Centre May 2-June 5- Art Reception on May 15th

Hey folks: we are scurring around to get stuff out and done.

Fave Links:
Ugh, I get them, and then I forget them. Oh I am so bad... so here go some I came about the other day: this is really great space but they have some valuable advice. See their top ten. - she is a made from scractch soap maker-has some great creations: Vanilla Chai Latte and Hippie Stink-Peppermint Goat Milk you will smell good, feel good and do good. I am twittering with ms "edna' verredesign. And she's very talented and fun to read her blogs and look at her jewelry! Check her out.

Defoor Centre:

May 1 - 31 Arzell Thompson will be in the Forum with his AMAZING and thought provoking paintings. He's been all over and graduated from the "Norman Rockwell's Famous Artists School" in the 60's. He renders coloful protraits and scenes.

SDA -Surface Design Association: Extreme Threads - will be on display throughout the Defoor Centre with their great fiber arts-this is not your grandma's quilting. This is textiles on caffeine and Sewing on sugar! So come out on May 15 for a great reception to meet with these talents!

June 11 - DON"T FORGET- THE GIRLY WHIRLY TWIRLY SHOW is coming around the bend.

Favorite Song: It Takes Balls To Be A Woman - this is a great and sometimes we need to throw fists and over turn skillets!

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