Monday, March 9, 2009


YAY! Well, we are almost a week away from the Rites of Spring show... March 19th at 7:30PM.

Fave links: cool hip place for clothes, shoes and if you can't get there, you can browse online and get ideas. I recently found or back in Dec I found this mag at Borders and it's filled with great green ideas as well as homemade projects. I pulled out my old bustier from my wedding dress... and now I can't figure out what to do with it... it's such a good mag to read and their site is really good too. this artist is really creative with encaustic - bees wax - painting. Her images are quite quaint and clever. Check it out they are inexpensive and would freshed up anyone's room!

Gallery News- Except for the Spring show... hmmm, the GIRLY WHIRLY TWIRLY SHOW! June 11 the Surface Design show in May and Arzell Thompson will be in the Forum during this time. Then come August the XY show... Then OFF THE WALL ... whew wee... we are busy.

Song of the Day: ok these guys are from Atlanta and I can honestly say I knew them when...
Check out their great harmonies and I love the song, STANDING THE MIDDLE!

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