Monday, August 8, 2011

The Weekly Skirt Report

This time: Love and Happiness

*...makes you do right makes you do wrong....* -Al Green

What makes your art form happy. Is the prepping, the journey or the end result? Is it the stops or the u-turns? I usually have a basic idea - and then I start to paint to see how it goes. I tend to stay on the path and not sway, but what I have a hard time doing is - coloring outside the lines. I've been doing the same type of thing for years. I've not sold, but everyone seems to like it.
So I try now and then - like my picture postings did I do it? I try to get looser then I feel bad that I'm not doing what I was doing before how that affects me.

Guilty? Ugh, yes.

How will I know it? Does this bother you too? How do you work through it? I feel like if I just push myself through the paint and the image, then I will get it done. If I walk away from it, then I lose my connection... I try to draw it out from time to time or use paper as my canvas, to not waste but that too is another animal.
So how do you push and pull your way through?

Best of-s this week:

PASTRY SHOP: Douceur de France on Powder Springs Rd near the square. I'd see this place from the street a few blocks over but never made it... so we spent $35 bucks there... ouch! Very good all over. Just don't go in the AM for it's WAY too busy. The owner is a small french woman and had a great cafe/pastry shop. I call it a chick joint. For the men in there looked miserable. I guess it's safe to say: Paybacks are mofos?

Burger's Market -score again. I swear the Marietta Square one - is SO HARD to park there. UGH.

Went to REVive Coffee - one to see an artist's work, Chris Hamer - which my husband loved two to have a cold mocha frappe - yummmm and get the person's name to put my name in the hat for showing. It was a roasters paradise...

BBQ: Mr. D's over by South Cobb High School - small little place and their sauce is sweet and tangy. This was the 2nd time there, I had Brunswick Stew - very good and hubby had pulled pork. Again, good.

Then I tried my app: ALL RECIPES: Dinner Spinner to look for something different for dinner. All Recipes it's called. I found Macaroni Meatball Soup. Well I don't know why I didn't see the MEATBALL part or I would've bought frozen ones... anyways, I improvised. I had to add some more tomato sauce and then I turned it into a casserole: put cheese and croutons on top.

YUMMY. The Creme Brulee... eh.... well I've done better.

I didn't eat it but it was runny.... so in it goes to the freezer. Then I took Sugar Free choc. pudding and graham crackers - crumbled them and put them mini-bundt cake molds, and then lite whipped topping... that's for tonight.

As we glide into this fall season, let's see what we can do new.

Hubby and I have been going some where new and basically free for the past for weeks. The High - was basically free because we have a membership courtesy of his job. Then we went to the Falcons Football practice... it was clear across the city and beyond but fun to go to... that was free.

Our buddy, Giovanni's had a big write up in the Marietta Daily Journal about 2 weeks ago, I hope that helped him out. It also ran in their neighbor newspapers - yayayayay *throws confetti*

The Fall Art Season is done:
Sept 11 through the end of the year with various shows in betweens are -

Make Some Noise: Jenny King, Chelsie Neiman, Philip Myrick, Donna Thomas and Jason Moore

The AAC Photography Salon of ATL photographers - Oct 1-31st

The Clemmers - two image makers but with totally different ways to do it. They will be up in Nov-Dec

THEN *Drumroll* THE MLK SHOW - Murals galore!

New thing I've done with my twitter: all tied up and in ribbons and curls:

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