Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Weekly Skirt Report

This is my attempt to pass around favorites - The Weekly Skirt Report is a column that I have wrote when communicating with the DeFoor Centre. I am transferring it to here as a weekly column of favorites - news- photos and etc to get the word out! Each week I will post a new one.

Favorite Links:
Silk screen tees and bags... she has unique images and colors.
a work in progress so she has some great ideas brewing and so watch out!
a wonderful collection of clever and fun and pretty pieces of jewelry.

The NOW WHAT WORKSHOP is on Jan 31 - 9AM - this will be a fantastic time to get your work ready, your presentation and your mind to get your work selling! This is the perfect time to work on with the economy down so by the time it turns around you will be ready!

Gallery News:
The DeFoor is serving brunch on Sundays-11:30AM to 2PM with food galore-the price is good and the service is great. Come out and sit amongst the creative walls. for directions and menus

Atlanta Ghosthunters came by on Jan 16 - the spent about 4 hours exploring - with EVPS - EMFs and just plain human sense. We don't know exactly WHAT they found because they are going to reveal it on the radio very soon. We saw some stuff on cameras and heard some strange stuff.

New Song for the Week:
As Good As It Gets - Beth Hart - 37 Days go check her out!

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