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Sunday, September 13, 2009

OFF THE WALL: EASY AS 1-2-3Third Time is Gonna Be the Charm!Atlanta, GA- For the third year, the DeFoor Centre is going to host the OFF THE WALL show, this time it’s going to be three rooms, three prices and all mediums are welcomed! Starting Friday, Oct 23rd with an opening reception at 7:30PM-So what’s the scoop?This year all the main three galleries will be open for artists to show their work off for three different prices. The Rhombus Room, the smallest, will be open for artists to sell a piece for $100, The Bar, CafĂ© and the Lobby area will be open for $200, and The Forum, the big daddy, will be open for larger pieces and sell for $300!
Don't forget there is a gallery commission: 40/60 ....
This will widen your chances of selling your work. And guess what else? You can choose what room you want or you can use all three or just one.The idea came to art director, Jill Kettles, while driving to the grocery store day after the 200 show, “I was thinking what could I do to make it better, easier, and bigger!? It needs to be better for the artists, easier for the buyers, and bigger so that the public will want to come.” Again, there is no entry fee or application fee. The work will need to be in by that Friday Oct 23rd AM. I will again, ask folks to make display cards, bring their stands, and have it ready to come- OFF THE WALL!So, watch for all the,,,, and, my blog and now, for bulletins and more announcements!If you were apart of it this, the last two times, I really urge you to be apart again. Pass it around to your fellow artists. If you are new to this, don’t be scared, this is so easy and fun… it’s as easy, as well, 1-2-3!The Defoor Gallery is located on Defoor Avenue just off Howell Mill Rd. in the newly refurbished neighborhood. A lot of interior decorators work in the area and there are a lot fabric, furniture and lighting vendors that are located nearby as well. The Defoor Centre is located at: 1710 Defoor Ave. NW Atlanta, GA 30318For more info on the centre itself:

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