Monday, May 3, 2010

The Weekly Skirt Report May

On May 16 at 1:30PM the Defoor Centre will be hosting a show for Ray Harbour and Shijun Munns for their unique pieces of work:

Soul Visions will be a month long show for local Atlanta artists: Ray Harbour and Shijun Munns - two very innovative artists that take viewers on their life journey through their native cultures.

Healing of Mother Earth, humanitarian efforts, community building, and social concerns are integral to Ray’s offering as an artist. She is committed to participating in the great journey of healing and transformation. Through art and writing, Ray discovers her inner truths and revelations about the outer world. She shares her journey, fears, wounds, struggles, joys, and learnings in a stream of consciousness style through images and words.

Shijun cares about everything that could touch off an old days feelings; ancient poetry with implied meaning, ancient pottery with rough and simple design, flying faeries on the ancient silk road. Indeed, Shijun seems to look back into space-time while her paintings spring forward into our time to bring us images of deep and profound souls glimmering in soft, golden light.

So come spend this special Sunday afternoon at the Defoor Centre for an unforgettable journey!

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