Thursday, December 2, 2010

2011 Defoor Centre Artist Schedule

DeFoor Centre 2011 Gallery Schedule

2011 is to be a great year at the DeFoor Centre Galleries – I say plural cause there are more than just one. The following schedule has some holes in it so we will be filling in and announcing as we go. Receptions will be announced during the year – subject to change.

The Girly Show is back for the summer – this year with Vicki Martin as the featured artist in the Forum Room. New artists are always the focus of the Defoor and we always welcome back old friends. We will have photographers, sculpture and mixed media along with traditional paintings. Bright colors, big images are the rave this year so come on out to our openings, to get engaged with the work and the artists.

January –mid March
The Forum – Shijun Munns with Corey Blakesdale, Alicia Aya, Ailan Olsen, Mark Collins, Gay Allen in the other surrounding gallery rooms

Mid-March – May
The Forum – Andrea Allegrone with Paola Seguel, Alvaro Hernandez, Suzanne Clavert, Tammy Josephson in the other surrounding gallery rooms

June-July-August – ALL THE GIRL SHOW
The Forum-Vickie Martin with Laura Parker, Jackie Allison, Tina Jones Ciranni in the other surrounding gallery rooms

Sept – November – Dec
The Forum -Jenny Sulhoff King with Donna Thomas, Jason Harris, Cheslie Neiman

The Photography Salon group of Atlanta Artists Center will hold their annual juried exhibit.

For more information on this year’s exhibits, please contact Art Director, Jill Kettles at

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