Tuesday, February 21, 2012

naw it's not you.. it just needs to be worked on..

I don't think Dave Grohl was putting down the creative spirit - just how it's presented, wrapped up and thrown at us... either you catch it or you don't. If you gonna be creative; be honest about it. If you wank a note; fine... I think as a society whole - we see that as failure. When it just shows you're human. That's why Adele put everyone in their place with her voice problems after she put out her album - she couldn't do a thing. But the music spoke for her until she was healed. Dave feels like alot of artists that we are not connecting anymore. As humans with any medium. And it's not just the successful ones - uber rich - it's all over the map.
So as I think about the efforts put in to music, art and even sports – there’s a humanistic part of that method or approach that is uniquely yours. You might beg, borrow and steal from around you but it’s you. Your brain, your eyes, your heart and above all your time.
I think when you hear a singer like Whitney Houston or Dave Grohl or Hank Williams, there’s a rasp or drop in the note tone, you hear that and you think, “What is wrong with them?” Go back and hear George Jones, who once had perfect pitch sing in the 60’s and then now. Blech. He sounds like a warbling old lady in church. Go back and hear how Elvis grew into a totally new voice. No one TOLD him to that he just had reached a point of not able to sing the same way he had when he first sang Hound Dog. Try listening Etta James, her voice wrecked but what? Her demons. What about Janis? Demons. I could go on and on. I am preaching to the choir on most of this and trying to convey to the congregation that it's ok to be imperfect.
As a visual artist, you are at the mercy of the walls in the gallery when sometimes you don’t hear a word. So you are left wondering, what am I doing – until someone tells you – yea or nay. And sometimes a simple closed door or no sale or a glowing review is all you need. We have to wait it out.
As a culture we are driven for perfection to the point of in humane. We don’t account for failure. Why? Well when an artist – any medium – doesn’t prevail like we want them to, we get let down and tell that artist by booing them or not buying their works or talking smack. What makes us do this? Are we insecure of ourselves that we look towards them to make us feel better? And if they didn’t well then forget it? Why doesn't any one respect us as artist to be honest with us? THAT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU COULD DO...
There are plenty of passionate artists out there that have thick skin and move on trying to regain their level of importance. It’s scary to make that journey - some make it some don't.
There’s an old rule in the music band business: Don’t piss off the soundman. It’s been replaced by: Don’t piss off the fan.
You may never see the light of day again.
So back to Dave Grohl, even HIM went back to ‘correct’ himself. You know the other rule, if you have to explain the joke – it’s not funny.
At all.

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