Friday, May 25, 2012

Good Afternoon Friday Clock Watchers...

Or should this be called "I'm sorry that you don't like my art but thank you for telling me, so NOW I can finally delete someone off my list":
I saw this link on my news feed and I probably wouldn't thought much of it but Preston Synder said this before the link:

"no such thing as "bad press".....?....hmmm.......come and form your own opinion, Rich Gere's closing Saturday from 7-9...."

THAT caught my eye. I am a PR chick during the day and I've seen my share of the good, the bad and the f-ugly. BUT oddly enough, there's an unwritten law about music reviews... if you don't like it don't review it. NOW AH NOE - this happens and some writers can do this tactfully. And some can't. My husband reviewed a cd YEARS ago and it was called "I Hate These Songs" and he reviewed with: Me too.

Classic... we all loved it. Not because it was mean or hateful only because it was gonna happen and thank God we took it in a humorous manner. You know the times when you say something... some one says... "well you walked into that one..." 

NOW - I have seen/heard bashing, I've been told to expand my vocabulary and I have witnessed my canvas being destroyed all because my horizon line was off. A tad. 

And after years of being in the music business, I"ve been yelled at by the best of the best where the best words were used. So I can honestly say I have thick skin. I can refer my years of being in my high school marching band for my preparation of growing my thick skin. Thank you FCHS. 

OK now, back to the article written by Karen Tauches on 

I am all for voicing my opinon and writing hate mail when I see if it fits. BUT there's a small problem with this - it seems like she's not paying attention. She took the artist statement to heart and expected better than what she saw. And that's gonna happen. We as artists know that. Already. I get the disappoiintment factor. It happens. 

I can see her suggestions aren't too crazy and I too have a HARD TIME with titling work. It's unfornate we can't just say this is it and be done. We have to put a title to it so the viewer can be guided towards a conclusion. And for songs it's usually the hook, the main line of the chorus and it's just for organizing at stores and on radio... or we'd all hear the song " I Love You and You Love Me" a million times a day. 

But after a few paragraphs of the massive let down she had she began to turn her head towards the Ponce Crush galleries which are located down by the Poncey-Highland area of Atlanta. If you eat at Fellinis on Ponce you can see it. 

BUT what she doesn't understand is this: Galleries are already hurting. Artists are STARVING. And to kick the dead horse one more time and REMIND US is tacky. We are working on being more financially succesful, better at promotion and bring an "experts" is probably harder than you think.

Being the Art Directior at the Defoor Centre I am in charge of over 20K square feet of keeping art on the walls. The artists are DIY when it comes to the hanging, their display cards and the over all presentation. We're aren't the High or the old Nexus buidling but we are there. We are supporting local and emerging artists, where we could just go buy hotel art and be done with it. Then you'd have something totally vaild to talk about. BUT until you have walked a mile or a just a few feet in our shoes.

The musicians, the visual artists, the book writers, the journalists...we are paying attention to the world around us with magnifiers. We are what you say back: "Wow I love it or I hate it." but do us a big favor lay off the snarky comments. Please. 

So when I read this type of thing it seems lazy as if she was done with gallery showing and had extra room to write, so she babbled a little to far... if she had a problem or wanted to express her disappointment she should've made an appointment with the gallery and discussed it with them. 

As for as the artist, I am sorry that he had to endure this... I mean getting press for anything anymore is truly the hardest thing to get so we get desparate and take it all. Why? Cause it makes US feel better. 

In the wise words of an old client of mine once said: "They didn't get me..." 

So to Karen Tauches I say, please rethink and see if you have one article or two or maybe one article and a good meeting with the gallery.... and we are truly sorry that the lighting wasn't up to par. 

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