Friday, March 29, 2013

Yeah I worry too much

It's like smoking. A bad habit. I get hooked on a song cause I am afraid that I will forget how I love it so much so I play too many times. I wear a tee shirt too many times I am afraid that it will wear out. I eat too many potato chips because I have no control. But I can stop cursing anytime I want.

So where does this leave me.

Well as I was taught, you should care about what people say, but pick and choose from who. I mean the Queen Bully didn't bother me much - oh I WAS HER - sigh. BUT a girl friend? That's a different break down all together.

Loosing sleep, dragging my tail on the floor, writing notes and dropping them in her locker... about how sorry I was... FOR WHAT?

Oh right, not caring about her stupid boyfriend.
Got it.
So yeah I worry too much and it's the devil's conversation.
I don't want to be a fool or look unprofessional or act immature.

"My mind is on fire. You all have no clue!" I shout. Telling me to stop is like telling a baby not to cry. Easier said than done. I try to do the process of elimination, I talk out loud and cats look at me as if I have lost my mind and I KNOW they are taking notes and stuffing them in the sofa. I will call a friend and talk it and by the time I am at work, I ready for bed.

I've been told I am filling a void. Like smokers do when they quit. Trade cigs for chips. It's all a trade off? Why? We are hooked on trading off, baseball does it so why don't us.
And oh keep a straight face as you do it.

Day 4 ain't even over yet.

I think I will write a poem - Idle Worry is the Devil's Conversation.

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