Monday, June 22, 2009


Hey I know it's late, but see hubby drove all the way from Chicago to see me and he's driving back... I know I know... I will be able to explain later... anyways, trying to get everything done with out doing anything...

Before I start my usual links and such. I am not sure here, hmm, went to a couple of art openings these past few days. I don't want to complain BUT I am just gonna say. If you are a gallery, and you're in the deep south, keep your doors closed! I basically collapsed of heat exhaustion. I am not kidding! (ask my buddy in WI who I was chatting with on Twitter)

Then do away the name tag stickers for artists to wear too. Being an artist, you are supposed to mysterious, daring and unknowing. Name tag stickers are for conventions or speed dating events.

AND be a little more generous with water especially if it's 95 degrees outside and 101 inside the gallery. I really hate to whine but I feel that this really was a health issue for not just tiny little me but for everyone in that hot room. If the place was having AC problems, tell folks and apologize for the inconvience.

So anyways, I am always trying to find the good in people and situations, but I feel that I had to voice my feelings here.

ok back to the drawing board:

Fave Links: this is a great link to their facebook page for all things art in the ATL. I have found a lot of events, and I am able to post mine up there from the Defoor Centre. So try it and see if you can find something to do. You might get dizzy and just stay home. is a local artist that has some work at the Defoor Centre-he has a great painting in the Lobby - of a man with a green shirt on... I LOVE IT... maybe he will loan it to me... Hmmm??? Watch for a show from him at the DC soon...

now-as for Gallery news-we are still hosting the Girly show. In August it will be the XY show.
Curtis Ames, Todd Vinson, Don Dougan, Andre Lockley and Henry Lee Battle. I hop you all can make it... more info coming.

So new tunes new tunes...hmmmm... have written some great songs over the years plus they are very funny!


  1. Hey Jill,

    Suggestions for your Etsy shop:
    - List your prints, just like you did your paintings. People may not read your shop ann. and will only see items that sell for 500$

    - Relist your items a couple of times a week. All your paintings were listed in April - they will never come up on top in any search right now

    - Use all 14 tags. Include tags like painting, print, still life, decor, home, kitchen, flower, floral, vase, blue, red fruits... Ask yourself what people looking for an item like yours would enter in a search engine

    - Insert 5 pictures for every item you list. A close up shot, kind of a profile view to show texture, how your painting looks on a wall... help people see your art on their wall

    - What's the inspiration behind the painting? Give some details in your description. Unlike a gallery style, make it fun and warm

    - How will your item be shipped? How will it be protected? How long will it take before you ship the item I just bought? Will it be insured? People don't take time to always read the shop policies

    - Diversify

    Here is a shop that is doing pretty well selling art:

    Here is one I bought from and for who things are picking up. Nice descriptions.

    Now, I'm no guru but I've been hanging out in forums and virtual labs and picked up a couple of things that do work. You do wonderful work but it probably ain't popping up right now because of lack of visibility.

    Show it off:)



  2. THANKS - you're right very good ideas.
    I have printed them out~