Monday, June 1, 2009


YAY it's June! We are almost there for the Girly Whirly Twirly Show... June 11 at 7:30PM at the Defoor Centre
I really want to see a big turn out. K? Nissa Nicole is a wonderful artist that lives in CA. Her unique pieces are made from images found in magazines-pictures-even sheet music then sealed with glass, polymer and sterling silver to create one of a kind! She's also a great photographer who conveys mood with her eye on the sky. Go visit and get hooked. Also tweet with her... maggie lives on a farm-or at least it looks like it. She creates whimiscal, thoughtful images of dogs, cats and horses. She lives with them so she has developed a six sense with them. So check her out... this is my new writing spot. Yes... another one. I know... well I will talking about press releases, bios/artist statements, gallery relations etc. Check me out... in the marketing section.

Song of the day: Oooh, I know- oh wait... I lost it. oooh got it back: go listen to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun... why else?

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  1. Thanks so very much for including me in your wonderful Blog! I really appreciate it. I do live on a farm full of funny animals that keep me very busy but also smiling. They are my inspiration for all the colorful expression filled pet portraits I create. So glad you loved them. Wishing you much success & Keep inspiring all of us :)