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This will be the start of summer I know most say today is, but I give you permission to delay. Maybe you need a few more minutes: extra time to get in the mood.
Four Atlanta Women and their Work Only
Start Summer with a Splash – June 11 2009 at 7:30PM

The DeFoor Centre is pleased as punch to present The Girly Whirly Twirly Show – all women, girls and chicks – works from Martha Elisa Bojorquez, Sharron Ragan, Drew Dumaine, and Christine Hibbert. The show will begin June 11 2008 at 7:30PM to 9:30PM to meet the four artists and see their work. The bar and café will be open for serving drinks and appetizers. Their work will be up til August 15 for the rest of summer.

The show title came from art director Jill Kettles, and her cat, Isabella’s nick name, Girly Whirly Twirly. “She is a pretty cat and she has that aura around her that makes you call her, Girly Whirly Twirly,” Jill giggles over the long frilly name. This and an all male artist shows are the bookends of the DeFoor Centre Summer. All the women involved are strong, feminine and fun. All mediums will be there-painting, photography and sculpture – for this is a chance to display that all formats are appealing to women in the arts. “I wanted to state that women can do anything in the arts and not be shoved into a corner.”

The Forum- a native of Mexico, Martha Elisa moved here with her husband and brought along her amazing colors and shapes to create impressions that stay in your mind. When meeting her at her house and studio, the paintings, the drawings and the encaustics are all just overwhelming to the viewer. She has been in shows around the world, and has won various awards over the years. Her technique of using her emotions and use of color bring the images to another level. She is a true colorist in the tradition of art.

The Rhombus Room – Sharron Ragan, another local Atlanta artist who is also is a colorist completely takes on the theme of being a woman and applies it to the canvas. She has brought it on, these are especially made, for this show and she is dressed to impress. Her ability to work with the abstract and the obvious blending them and then sometimes separating them is remarkable.

The Gatsby Room – Christine Hibbert who resides in Savannah, is a painter that loves to explore the past by scouring thrift shops to get inspired. She likes to layer the images with book texts, maps and pictures with slivers showing to expose the paintings past. She explores culture focusing on marriage, religion and sexuality. These abstracts images depict the struggles, the journey and humanistic views using organic forms. “I push the viewer to look closer at my work while addressing issues of human connection through the hidden use and layering of these specific texts”, she concludes.

In the Bar and Café-Drew Dumaine- a New Orleans photographer with an eye for the unusual. “I found her on and I immediately was drawn to her window images of shops along New Orleans’ streets.” Her works will include the non obvious of the city and definite gems that go unnoticed. A graduate of LSU, she is currently living and working in Baton Rouge.

So break out the party dress and shoes to come out for this fun show!

The Defoor Gallery is located on Defoor Avenue just off Howell Mill Rd. in the newly refurbished neighborhood. A lot of interior decorators work in the area and there are a lot fabric, furniture and lighting vendors that are located nearby as well. The Defoor Centre is located at 1710 Defoor Ave.

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