Sunday, May 3, 2009


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I am trying to gather a prayer vigil for my husband, Steed Kettles on Tuesday May 5 at 1PM Eastern Time. He will be defending himself in hopes to appeal and overturn the ruling on his unemployment rights. If you are within ear shot of us you know what is going on.
Steed got fired from his long standing job because he told the truth about an incident on the stand during a lawsuit case early this year. This provoked his firing and an onslaught of lies being told by the company to avoid paying any monies. This is illegal, this is wrong, ethically and morally – wrongful termination. Now without going into further details, this company has a track record a mile long, for this kind of behavior so since the company lost the mentioned case, we are hoping that this will shine through to the Dept of Labor here in GA to get the attention of the right person to over rule it so Steed can have a piece of mind knowing he did the right thing that day.
Steed has been working since he was 12. This money is HIS! The disappointing economy has drained him emotionally, mentally and physically for looking for a job is really hard. The feeling of unworthiness and helplessness that he feels is unbearable. Men are wired to be the protectors, the providers and breadwinners in our families, communities and our country. It’s an emotional characteristic that gets broken when they lose jobs etc.
To bring him support, guidance and love, I would like to ask everyone we know and love as well those we haven’t met to say a prayer, send good thoughts and vibes even light a candle in his honor to provide him the most to get through this. This is extremely important, for the ripple effect causes everyone hurt and suffering all from someone’s greed, dishonesty and pride.
So please take this seriously and to heart that we all can get through this wretched times through our spirituality in whatever form it is or isn’t.
May 5 2009
1PM Eastern Time
Steed – regarding his appeal for unemployment rights.

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  1. I will sure be with in thoughts guys next Tuesday and will send positive energy to Steed. Best of luck.