Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hey it's May 17 and do you know where your art is. Awwww, let's see, on the wall? Maybe. In the gallery - huh?

Well, this week has been BUSY! I thought while hubby was gone, it would be a good time to paint no way jose man... next time I guess: I re met an old art buddy, meet some new ones, ATE A FABULOUS dinner at Durands. IT was YUMMY!

The Extreme Threads show went really well. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise that art isn't selling, three pieces sold - VERY COOL!

So favorite links: Hellenne is a wonderful fiber artist, she has attention to detail and designs are very unique. Check out her process and you will be amazed the work that goes into it. - leisa is the last of the installation artists. She will be having a great one in June at the June 5... Dan Harris is the John Cusack of Hi Fidelity movie. Cool, passionate about music, and wants to share! He's the guy that always has a new mix tape for you to listen to. Give it a whirl. (Just don't twirl him around, he gets dizzy easily)

JUNE 11 THE GIRLY WHIRLY TWIRLY SHOW: don't forget - this is gonna be a great night. Gotta spend some on it this week... 7:30PM

Music of the Day: ugh... I have been still listening to Sharleen Spiteri, I know I suck...(oh Isabella is snoring!)

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