Sunday, July 19, 2009


WOW it's been a while since I have blogged. UGH. Sorry... So... here's my rant for the week...

Okay I am going to be completely honest and say I am totally burned out – I get this way at this time of year and I just usually shut down till about Thanksgiving . Then I am in craft overdrive till about one hour till Christmas has started.

We all have been there, tired of trying, exhausted of creating, burnt out on everyone and everything. All we want to do is go back to bed, pour a drink (a really strong one!) or cut a HUGE piece of cheesecake. At times we feel cheated because we are pulled in so many ways, we don’t have time for ourselves in fact we find ourselves snapping and snorting at our friends and family.
As of late, you can count how many people of the world have died, the summer air is different this year, the Braves aren’t doing well, and we are all on edge. Something is happening, it’s really almost nerve racking. I have found myself having more arguments with people that I love than ever. Yelling at the phone, actually now, I dismantle it so I can sleep in on Saturdays. I wish I knew the Italian mob, I would send them to all the 1-800#s, that I have been calling me and “say hello to my little friend!”

So you know what!? Don the Dunce hat and give yourself a timeout!

Go walk about the neighborhood – don’t forget your drink- it will give you the image of I am social, I really am… (Just kidding about that, but seriously sits outside).

If you have a front porch big enough to sit on, set up camp and “look” busy but wave and smile at the dog walkers, speed walkers and kid walkers. It will get you interacting with people-“what do you do?” “Well, I paint (or whatever you do), give them your business card or invite them into your garage studio. (“Don’t mind the mess!”)

Have a backyard grill off: A couple of weekends ago about four of us, all were grilling… I pointed at my neighbor across our yards and said, “My grill is better than your grill!” He said, “You’re on!” Then we went back to our worlds and made sure we weren’t burning our houses down. Then last night, I stunk it all up with fish. That’s okay I had a cheap margarita in hand, I had no worries at that second.

It’s been a hard few months in our land, here, but I feel that things are gonna be okay. I get frustrated with our checkbook, get angry with the struggle to create and then I just give up. My creative juices are dried up, my eyes are sore from crying, my ears are ringing at night. Don’t even ask me about painting… right now, I have no qualms in poking folks in the eye with a paintbrush. But I am gonna say that even though this past week can be labeled the week from hell, it was the weekend in purgatory.

I went to see an old friend, who now cuts hair, she is learning, did a wonderful job in calming my nerves and the hubby came home from a long day, and I worked on some small projects at home. Felt like I HAD TO PAINT but it would’ve been forced. Not good. So putting about the house, doing minimal things will lead up to the big project or a breakthrough of sorts in getting over our crazed minds. It’s a good thing, as Martha Stewart says.

But last night, we lay in bed, trying to watch TV and our signal was so bad, that I called twice to the cable company. So we turned it off, and tuned into the internet radio-went to KGSR in Austin, TX and clicked on “Listen Now” they were airing E-Town. E-Town is something I know of cause of my day job as a music publicist but its set on a stage and broadcasted all over. They had Loretta Lynn on there, and she is a hoot… She has everything you know under the sun but you know she doesn’t need it. She can live off of the bare necessities of life, friends and family.

So we felt like modern radio days of the 1930’s only if we could have the price of living back then now. It was relaxing and took your eyes off the ball for a while. I thought why haven’t done this before? So we hope to get that in rotation a couple of times of week.

Take your eye off the ball for a while, only if you aren’t a baseball player then just ask to sit out a game.

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