Friday, August 7, 2009


WOW am I late on this or what...


Facebook: (yeah I sunk in) - or just follow my widget here on the front page: screaming kid and all! (LOVE THAT KID) - Sharron Ragan is now set up at the DeFoor Centre and teaching classes... she will be having a all girl business networking thing on Thursday 8/13 ... gogogogogogogogo! - ok Katy Graves is learning from her wondeful boss, how to cut hair and dye. We hadn't seen each other in YEARS! But we had such fun talking and she did an AWESOME job cutting that I recommend her for that and dye jobs. It's located in Decatur on La Vista Rd. Next time we need to go out before we do the hair...

That's all I got... for linkys

ok: I think I am not burnt out anymore-or at least getting out of it. So, we got new cars this week, STAY THE HELL away from me. HA! (oh the story from the Grady Curve is that I survived... for once I STOPPED TRAFFIC!) Just trying to see if was my car or my looks...anyways!

Check out my columns on Ferdinand is the sar of the show there... what a hoot!!

AUGUST 20th at 7:30PM at the DeFoor Centre - THE XY SHOW this will be great - filled with awesome photos, sculptures and paintings from local Atlanta Male artists. This will be great! See you then!


OFF THE WALL: 1-2-3 is on OCT 23rd this year... bring a piece or two to sell it for one night, at 100 or 200 or 300 bucks! Crafters, photogs, painters... bring it on!

Song for the Week: hmmm, CRAZY TRAIN - no, but it feels like one! I dunno man, it's not coming to me. Ok: Sharleen Spiteri (I KNOW YAAWWNN!!!) - I Wonder - from her solo Melody CD. It's so old Memphis soul.

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