Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Weekly Skirt Report - Loyalty with pie in the face

I am continuing my thought process on the word Loyalty. This time with Pie in the face. Not for a giggle or a laugh but as a slap in the face or an insult.

Loyalty again is word that is abused and misread at times. Alot of times there are some that have NO idea what it mean to be and then some that do and then abuse it. Dissecting word is fun when you can find out that the meaning has changed so much and we apply it to our present lives mistakenly.

After being loyal to something or someone for a long time, you think, well, don't I get something in return? Will I get even a "thank you?" Did I do a good job? Wasn't I a good shoulder to cry on? Why am I feeling this way?

Pie in the face. The emotional side of the word is gross. The fear, the cold shoulder, the love, the flowers, the lunches, the hugs, the high fives - whatever you got in return - leaves you questioning the word. We try so hard to do good, be good that we ended up hating ourselves for thinking about why we were loyal.

"Why did I fall for his good looks but crummy attitude?"
"After all that hard work and they don't even say hi to me?"
"When all I did was the work they asked me to do..."
"What did I do?"

These questions are asked everyday. For everything we do. Others will say, "it's not you, it's them..." yeah but history has a way of repeating. So pie in the face is fine, makes us stronger right?

We equal that with even though we did our best, got everything right and having it paraded around like a new girlfriend that is prettier or the boyfriend that is smarter. Think of cars having emotions... we drive it around for a few years and it starts every time and then one day, they are traded. "What did I do?" a cry comes from the engine....

I sometimes think like Dr. Seuss. That everything has a voice. A heart. And feelings.

So, why are we so bad at being loyal. Are we scared of something? Ah I think I know. We are so bad at being loyal because we are so scared of rejection. It takes a mighty big heart to brush that off and stand up. It takes a lot to ourselves, ... it really does.

We are loyal to a fault. We are people pleasers at heart. We love everyone. We hate everything.

What happened?

Maybe, it's not what happened, but WHAT DIDN'T HAPPEN. So many angles to this huh?


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