Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Weekly Skirt Report - Where did Lester Bangs go?

The Weekly Skirt Report: Where's Lester Bangs when we need him....

Wow. I've been reeling about on this subject for weeks. The art of writing about music. I am going to start picketing about this..."Use better words" and "who cares who's dating who"... and WHO CARES if Dublin IGNORED Jay- Z and Beyonce... WHO CARES. I dismissed Elton John back in 1993 at Macy's it was probably his BEST DAY EVER. Everyone else, FREAKED OUT. They took his credit card receipts and started to make copies of his signature. Then the store manager got wind of it and had to go collect and shred them. Because it's illegal...

When I went to search for a quote on a client, I really couldn't find one with any kind of substance, meat or even fried fish, on it. These kinds of musical reviews and interviews are gone. NO MORE. I should've gone to a client of mine for a better one. Maybe he outta have a seminar on how to create and design strong quotes. I could always rely on him for just that. One of his best was basically this, "anywhere they have potato chips and electricity."

When an editor of Billboard gets kicked to the curb because he wanted to bring "true music writing back", we have a HUGE problem. Leave the yellow journalism to the National Enquirer, the Examiner and the Globe. You know the ones all based out of Florida?
"But the arts have suffered the most from this mind-numbing approach. Music, in particular, gets treated as one more lifestyle accessory, no different from a stylish smartphone or pair of running shoes. Hard-nosed criticism is squeezed out by soft stories, gossip and fluff. For better or worse, music journalism has retreated into a permanent TMZ-zone, where paparazzi and prattlers, not critics, set the tone." - (taken from the story link below)
When someone shows their intellect about music, by using the actual lingo, words and can sing and play along with it, DON"T laugh JoLo, learn sweetie. Harry and Keith KNOW what they are talking about.
If we need help in the make up world or dress world we will come back to you.

Music is not a bracelet... it's an art form. I hope one day Lester Bangs comes back from the dead and takes a red marker to your reviews... or better yet, use the paper to light up with.

Where did this idea come from? Are we not teaching students the art of writing? What will happen in the next 20 years, is it contagious? WHY are we watering down? WHY?

One day it's all gonna change and we won't have names anymore...



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